Work is coming!

The semester is winding down, which means I’m going to have three weeks of time to get work done. And I’ve been watching things that are really getting my brain in a costuming mode.

Last week, I watched Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity! and of course I had to do something. Thankfully that led to finding the new fabric for Ten’s jim-jams. Something I wish I could work on over break, but there’s no way I can afford the fabric yet. But I should be able to get it done before DragonCon, if not Marcon.

Right now, while I should be grading my students’ final papers, I’ve got Hamilton’s America on. It’s got so many amazing clips of the show and backstage that I am probably going to screencap the heck out of it before I head home for break. They give me such amazing and clear shots of the costumes that I know I’m going to need later when I start delving into the Hamilton costumes I have planned.

But this is not a new drive. I have been planning to get work done over break for a while now. First, I need to clean up my workspace. It’s an absolute mess right now. I can barely get into the room, let alone do any work. Second, I have two costumes that need to get finished or else I am going to get pissed off at myself. My fangirls, Doctor Who and Star Trek respectively, need to get done. The Doctor Who Fangirl is almost done. She’s only got a couple of things left to do. The Star Trek Fangirl has nothing done. I have all the supplies, but nothing is done. That is really, really annoying me. They are going to be great costumes, once they’re done.

Okay…enough stalling. Back to grading…


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