17 days to go…

Let the chaos begin! I have my app installed, my packing list ready, and three out of five costumes to complete. Here’s the plan: Friday Morning: First Doctor bathing suit for Bathing Beauties photoshoot Friday Afternoon: Harry Dresden for Legendary Sleuths photoshoot Friday Evening: SG-13 Woodland Uniform for the Intergalactic Military Ball Saturday Morning: Post-regeneration… Read More 17 days to go…


I have managed to get progress done on One. Last week I sat down and really looked at the pattern. It’s a reproduction of a pattern that is only for one size. It’s on thicker paper than the patterns I’ve usually worked with, and since it’s only one size, I figured why not cut it… Read More Progress!

It’s clean!

I now have the ability to sew things at my sewing machine again. I just haven’t had the time to do any. Partially because of everything that is involved in getting the First Doctor Bathing Beauty right. I don’t think I’ve fully explained this outfit yet. It might help explain why I keep not getting… Read More It’s clean!


Tonight I’m actually watching Heroes of Cosplay when it’s on and I’m finding myself feeling ambivalent. It’s a little discouraging listening to Riki and Katie talk about needing the “wow factor” so they can win the prize and totally stun the judges. It makes me not want to compete because I don’t have the money,… Read More Heroes