Today, once I left the office, my Spring Break officially started. I’ve been avoiding doing any school-related work. The closest I have gotten to school work is looking through the readings I need to do before class resumes after break. It’s been so nice. One of the things I’ve been doing instead is working on… Read More Refresh

Marcon 2014

That was a wonderful convention. I’ve already gushed about it over on Polymind, but I wanted to talk costumes a bit more. Arthur was the most recognized costume of the weekend. Come to think about it, I may make Arthur a staple of Marcon. I had my picture taken three times, which was great. I… Read More Marcon 2014


Now that I know what I’ll be doing with my life for the next year, my motivation has returned! Tomorrow I’m going to get some new razor blades so I can get Harry’s wig in better shape. Sunday I’m going to get working on his coat! Finally! Granted I’ve got less than a month to… Read More Motivated