On Friday, I showed my class about 20 minutes of the awesome documentary Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity. It got me inspired to look at a few things and renewed interest in a costume idea I had. That led me to look to see if I could find fabric to make some more accurate pajamas for my “The Christmas Invasion” Tenth Doctor.

I found some! And I wanted to share!

Some wonderful person has created the fabric and has it for sale on Spoonflower! It’s Spoonflower, so it’s not cheap. But it looks so much better than what I’ve got. It’s even got the texture of the original fabric included in the look. I’m hoping to be able to order some and get a new set of jim-jams done before at least DragonCon.

I have been waiting for this to happen for a while. I am so ecstatic that I can finally buy some accurate fabric and make some new, better fitting pyjamas. Finally!

This fabric may show up in another costume too… It’ll depend on if I can afford a little bit more.


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