Nearly there!

This weekend I finally got all the carving done for Wolfwood’s confessional. Now I just need to sit down with the paper, glue, and Mod-Podge and get it done. Read more Advertisements


I love Goodwill! I went over my lunch break and had a huge amount of luck. I found a great new jacket for Wolfwood. The sleeves are long enough. The jacket is long enough. It’s not tight anywhere, yet it shows off my curves. It’s great! Read more

Need Goodwill luck

I made a sad realization the other day. The jacket I was planning to use for Woflwood is too small for me right now. It’s always been a little snug and short. But I can’t close it right now. That means I need to stop by Goodwill and pray I can find a women’s jacket…

Weekend work

So, this weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, but I still got a lot done. I finished Seven’s arm-warmer! Now I just have to go back through and weave in all those ends, a task I am not looking forward to. But it’s nice to have all the knitting for my Fangirl finished! Read more


So, I restarted the arm-warmer and it looks so much better now. While it still sucks that I’m starting over, I feel better about how it’s going to look and fit now. This weekend, I’m hoping to make some serious progress. My plan for Saturday is to get the Confessional for Wolfwood built. I figure…

Busy busy busy

I have gotten so much done lately. I really need to get caught up on here. I’ve been posting little things over on DeviantArt, since I can access it from work. I’ll try to do a quick rundown of what’s been done recently. The Doctor Fangirl has made huge strides toward completion. Recently I got…


OMG. Dragon*Con was amazing. I’ll go into the awesome details over in My Polymind. But I made a few discoveries there, for which I am really happy. I learned two very important things. One, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing a different version of The Doctor, you’re not really going to get stopped. Two, if…