Today, once I left the office, my Spring Break officially started. I’ve been avoiding doing any school-related work. The closest I have gotten to school work is looking through the readings I need to do before class resumes after break. It’s been so nice. One of the things I’ve been doing instead is working on… Read More Refresh

Costume Fail

View this post on Instagram This is what happens when you don't try on your costume before the con: a pile of clothing because one important piece doesn't fit right. A post shared by Pirogoeth (@pirogoeth05) on Sep 1, 2017 at 6:05am PDT I posted this earlier today after finding my skirt doesn’t fit the… Read More Costume Fail

Stress Mode

With about a week to go before I need to have everything done and at least ready to be packed and loaded into the rental car, I still have to finish two of my three costumes. The Bitch Planet overalls just need the NC painted onto them. But I keep freaking myself out over making the… Read More Stress Mode