"Be a black Harley Quinn. Be a male Poison Ivy. Be a female Loki. Be a mermaid in a hijab. Be a Buffy in a wheelchair. Your own qualities and love bring the characters you cosplay to life, not the screen accuracy or someone else's idea of the character. Forget headcanon, and try heartcanon." -Misa on WheelsTo me, this is an essential part of cosplay.

Cosplay Notes is actually split between two different websites.

One half is at Piro-Cos.Weebly.com. That half has pictures galore, links and more specific breakdowns of costumes, and visual construction details.

This half (the blog) has my thought processes about specific costumes, cosplaying in general, going to conventions, and all sorts of other things that are very text heavy. I try to link the two sites when I can. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to have it all in one place!

But for now, come on in and have fun!