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Posted: November 18, 2015 in Character
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I have been wrestling with what the final look would be for my Fangirl. I recently decided to do knickers instead of a skirt, which has really inspired me! I think I finally have everything figured out, but I’ve decided to stop trying to post a breakdown until it’s done. Also, I just might be able to get it done for DragonCon 2016! Which is good considering those plans have really changed.

I was going to save it for a separate post, but why not include it! ANOVOS didn’t have enough orders to go through with their TNG women’s uniform run. I’m sad about it, but I can’t be mad at them. They have to have enough orders to pay for the run. I decided to go ahead and cancel my order for my DS9 uniform. I ordered it on a whim last year and I decided it’s just not worth it. So I’ll be taking my TOS uniform and all my Star Trek t-shirts. I’ll just show my Star Trek pride in a more casual way.

This was an interesting week and I learned a lot. Those who knew who I was enjoyed the costumes. But that was only a few people. Otherwise it was kind of draining.

I am an introvert. I am also shy. These are not mutually exclusive traits. My husband is an outgoing introvert. Being an introvert or an extrovert refers to how you recharge and get your energy daily. Extroverts get energy by being around others. Introverts get energy by being by themselves. This is a really simple explanation, but it gets the point across. quietrev.com explains things in much better detail.

The fact that I am an introvert probably explains why I take the approach I do to costuming. And why I feel so contradictory about it. I want to know that I did a good job with the costume, but I don’t want too much attention drawn to me. I’m not going to be the person simply standing around waiting for people to come take my picture. I tried that back at my first DragonCon, it doesn’t work for me.

This week I discovered something. I had always assumed that I felt drained at the end of the day at a convention because I was surrounded by people I didn’t know. Which is partially true. I have a blast at Marcon because I’ve got a lot of friends around. But this week I had friends and I was still feeling ready to get that costume off of me when I got home. That’s when I realized that being in costume is draining for an introvert like me. It’s requiring me to become someone else to some degree.

That’s why after a week of this:

With Death-as-Didi in between GIR and Connor MacManus, too (I just didn’t feel like doing another selfie), I changed out of Jane and into this:

I felt so much better! And I decided not to do Columbia.

I am so not doing that again next year!

Anyone surprised I’ve changed my mind? If you are, you must be new and welcome to my madness!

Here’s the new lineup:

10/26 – The Doctor (“Christmas Invasion”)
10/27 – GIR (gijinka)
10/28 – Death
10/29 – Connor MacManus
10/30 – Jane Lane (“Antisocial Climbers”)
10/31 – Columbia (PJs)

I realized two things about Connor. One, they don’t have the guns right off the bat. Also, it would be tucked into my pants at the small of my back, hopefully, under a peacoat. It was barely going to be seen and be a pain in the butt. So here it is! Now if the weather would just cooperate and not roast me!

After talking with a friend yesterday and showing her some of my costumes, I have been told I should dress up in costume the whole week leading up to Halloween. So instead of dressing up the Thursday before to teach and on Halloween, I’ll be wearing six costumes in one week. It’s been an interesting process trying to figure out which costumes to wear. Luckily I’m in the Popular Culture department, so that improves my chances of being recognized.

Here’s the plan:

  • Monday – Jane Lane (Antisocial Climbers)
  • Tuesday – Arthur Dent
  • Wednesday – Death (Didi)
  • Thursday – Death
  • Friday – GIR (gijinka)
  • Saturday – Columbia (PJs)

I was originally planning to do one of the brothers from The Boondock Saints, but after the recent shootings on college campuses, taking a fairly real looking Airsoft pistol, with the orange tip, is probably not a great idea. Especially with how they carry their guns. I’m also hoping that the hubby and I will be going to see Rocky Horror on Halloween, hence Columbia.

Now to see how many of those get recognized. I’m pretty confident about Arthur, Death, and the Science Officer. Jane and GIR might get at least one person. I hope. At least I know I won’t die of heat stroke wearing those two. Although with my luck, there’ll be a heat wave that week.

Redoing Gaz

Posted: September 12, 2015 in Character

Since my last post, I’ve had some time to think about Gaz. I was going to retire her and just move on, until I thought about some great original interpretations of characters that I’ve seen. It’s really helped me highlight what went wrong with Gaz.

The important thing about any costume is that the character’s identity is clear. Anyone who knows Gaz should be able to look at the costume and see Gaz. When the wonderful voice actress who did her voice only saw an outfit inspired by Gaz, I knew there was a problem on my side of things.

I’ve been torn about the color of the wig from the beginning. I thought that since it is a shade of purple, it would work. I was also against dying it so it was closer to Gaz’s shade because I wanted to keep it available for Miho. But I’ve given up on being Miho. I just can’t pull it off. So now I’m going to get some opinions as to which color ink to buy to dye it the right shade.

I’m going to change up the necklace. Right now it’s a choker. I like the beads I used, but I’m going to change it into a long necklace with the trinity skulls pendant as the focus at the bottom. It needs something to break up all that black, and this is going to really accomplish that.

I’m never wearing her without the arm-warmers again. I should have just left her home. They really are an essential piece to the overall look.

I liked the skirt I chose to wear, but I’m not used to wearing a skirt that short. Also it kept riding up on me. So I’m going to add some black leggings under the skirt and socks. It’ll make me more comfortable, hopefully keep the skirt down, and no detract from the look.

I’ve been working on getting this idea realized for so long that I put her out there before seeing what she’d look like. I’ve learned my lesson: put it all on at least once before the convention to see how it all works together. Also, don’t rush things. You’re the only one who can decide when the costume’s ready.

Another DragonCon down. Another amazing time. Another shift in my personal attitude toward costuming.

Trying to get into costume and looking good left me frustrated often this year. Sharing a room with five other people, two of which had costumes of their own, after attending conventions without any other costumers in the room was interesting. I think if we had coordinated about the bathroom, there would have been fewer problems.

At times being in costume detracted from the fun of the con. That’s not a good thing.

Harry went well. I had time to get the makeup on right and had a blast at the photoshoot. I even got recognition outside of the shoot. I think if I do Harry at DC again, I’ll leave the staff and rod up in the room, unless I find a way to have the rod hanging inside the coat. For the photoshoot, the staff is important. But around the con, while it is awesome, it’s a pain to haul around and find somewhere to put during panels.

The Doctor was good. I didn’t get the makeup done right because I was getting frustrated about not having the bathroom light to work with. But he still looked good and I had fun. The water backpack was genius. By the end of the parade I was looking for the restrooms instead of a water source. I used it under Harry as well and it is going to be a part of any costume that has a coat I can hide it under.

After the photoshoot I ran back to the room to change into Gaz. I didn’t want to deal with the hot clothes or being bound for the rest of the day. When I was doing the final packing, I couldn’t find the arm-warmers I made for her. Eventually, out of my determination to debut her, I grabbed some arm-warmers I had that I felt would still work. The whole time I’m in costume, I’m thinking “No one knows who I am. It just looks like a kinda steampunk outfit.” The outfit looks great, but it’s not Gaz.

At one point I went back to the room and changed into clothes. This was still Saturday. I didn’t wear another costume for the rest of the weekend and I still enjoyed myself.

How I pick costumes for DragonCon has definitely changed. They need to be something that I have worn, like the look, and will not be easily frustrating to wear if I can’t use the bathroom to put on the make-up. Next year I’m simply going to wear my TOS uniform, my DS9 uniform, and something Doctor Who. It may be the Fangirl. It may be the Japanese clothing. It may be the One Bathing Beauty. It’ll depend on how much time and money I have to get things done. I want to enjoy myself. And isn’t that the point of costuming? To enjoy yourself?

As I mentioned before, I’ll be starting grad school next month. Actually, this time next month I’ll be getting the last few things together to prepare for the first day of class on the 24th. That gives me less than a month to get things ready for DragonCon. Which means I have to make one small change to the line-up. The Fangirl.

She is not done. She needs more time and money than I have right now to get her done properly. I could probably rush and get her done in time, but I just don’t feel comfortable with that thought. But the replacement was an easy choice. It was actually what I was planning to do before finding out we were going to have two Doctors. Christmas Invasion Ten.

A post on David Tennant’s Facebook Page yesterday made the choice even easier. It’s been ten years since they filmed that episode. (Awesome pictures for reference, btw) Which means it’s been ten years since that episode aired. I think it’s a good time to bring back CI Ten, this time complete with scarf! I just either need to get a Camelbak (or something similar) or invest in some Under Armour and drink water whenever possible in the time surrounding the parade. Actually, now that I look at my options, I think I’m going to try the UA HeatGear fitted shirt. I’m worried about overcompressing if I use the compression shirt.

Anyway, I want to make sure the Fangirl is done properly, which means having the time and money to do so. CI Ten is done. Well, I need to get some new slippers, but that’s no big deal. I’m so much more relaxed for DragonCon now. I’m actually really excited about bringing CI Ten back because he looks so much better than when I first wore him. It’s going to be nice!

Now I just need to get some contacts….

Convention addition!

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Conventions

I probably haven’t mentioned it on here before. Earlier last month I applied to Bowling Green for admittance to their Popular Culture master’s degree program starting this fall. I got an e-mail today. I GOT IN!!!!

Aside from getting to go to a wonderful school to learn how to further look deeper at Popular Culture, I’m probably going to be spending a lot of time there. Which means I can go to their one day anime convention, Animarathon! I found out about it last year while checking out what conventions there are in Ohio. Considering the next one is Animarathon XIII, it must be good. Considering I won’t have to drive there and back, I’m definitely going to check it out.

Now to figure out which costume to wear. Luckily I have time. I need to get back to work on the Fangirl first. Then I can worry about which finished costume to wear.

I’m back!

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We have the internet and cable again! But more importantly, we’re I’m getting the living room cleaned up! This is important because that’s where I end up cutting and ironing my fabrics. The Fangirl’s been on hold recently because I had to go get more fabric. That just killed the focus I had. I was even considering just doing Christmas Invasion Ten for DragonCon. But now that I’ve got the living room clean(er) again, I think I’m going to get back to work on her. Hopefully later this week.

Speaking of DragonCon, I really should start to get things together for it. Just going through and getting all the clothing set aside is going to help a lot. Actually, now that I think about it, the tub that it’s going to go into is empty and waiting. Perfect! I can start getting packed for DC a month and a half in advance. Awesome!

I’m really excited and motivated now! Now if I could just get enough money to pay for the convention I’ll be good.

I am alive! We’ve just been without internet for the past three weeks. Hopefully we’ll have it again soon. Posting from the phone is not easy!

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