I have finally gotten around to doing some costume preparation for the convention. I’ve been so worried about the panels I’m going to be on that I had been putting off what I’ll be wearing to said panels.

I had the day off on Tuesday, so I was planning to work on Harry’s staff. I’ve been wanting to get the stain sanded off and smooth out the knots. After about an hour of driving around trying to find sandpaper, I bought what I needed and some masks and headed home. Unfortunately Tuesday was a very windy day. The radio said it was reaching 45 mph at times. I did not need sawdust flying into my eyes in an instant.

Instead I got to work on Harry’s wig. Since I bought it, it has needed work. I’ve always tried to get away with hair spray and gel to get the look I wanted. Recently I’ve realized that I need to sit down and trim the thing. I have never trimmed a wig all over before and I was starting to worry about how long it would take. But I found my groove and really started to make progress.

Then my hubby texted and the groove disappeared. I’ve only got one side left and a going over to make sure it looks good and even. It looks so much better already. I’m looking forward to getting it finished. It’s really going to help the overall look.

Today I have the day off again. This time I worked on the staff. I have pretty much worn out the coarser grit sandpapers trying to get the stain off. It’s not completely gone, but it looks much better. I got the shine off and got most of the stain off as well. I think a quick going over with a power sander will finish things off. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that before the convention, but I don’t mind. It looks quite good.

I’m really happy with how Harry is finally coming together, after all these years.

Did I say stone?

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This is what I get for making declarations.

I just had a brilliant thought. While I love Arthur, I did go as him last year. And lately I have been thinking about having some Jaffa Cakes. So I’m switching out Arthur for Tim.

Originally I was aiming for all literary costumes, since Marcon started as a literary convention and still emphasizes it. But Tim is a better fit for the convention this year.

This is going to be so much fun!

Usually I wait until the convention to set my plans in stone, but Marcon 50 is an exception. I signed up to be on a few panels and two of them were going to have coordinating costumes if I got to be on them. Well, I am! And thankfully they’re on different days, right now, so I, hopefully, won’t have to be changing madly during the day. This is going to be so awesome!

The plans:
Friday – Dr. Shannon Abbey
Saturday – Arthur Dent
Sunday – Harry Dresden

This means two things. Well, three. First, I need to find where Dr. Abbey’s lab coat went. Second, I need to get Dr. Abbey’s new shirts made. Third, I need to get Harry’s wig in shape. Oh yeah, I forgot one important thing. Fourth, I need to get Harry’s staff in better shape. I need to get busy!

Changing Plans

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I don’t know why I ever bother to post my plans anywhere until it actually happens. Oh well.

A lot of factors have had me thinking about a lot of decisions I’ve made. Plans for conventions and retiring costumes were at the top of the list. I decided to bring a couple back from retirement. I also started looking at my list and began to rethink my choices for DragonCon this year.

I think there were two factors. Well maybe not factors as much as costumes. Barcelona Ten and Death. Like I mentioned before, I decided to bring Barcelona Ten out of retirement. Then the make-up arrived and I was all excited about doing Death again.

I started to look at my chart to maybe switch two costumes out for those two when I noticed something. There are a lot of costumes that I haven’t done in a while. I’ve been so focused on a few costumes and on getting others finished and out there that I’ve completely ignored a lot. That made me stop and rethink my approach to choosing what to wear next.

Well, not next per say. My plans for Marcon have remained unchanged. Arthur, Harry, and Dr. Abbey just feel like the right costumes to wear. But my plans for DragonCon have changed. A little. My original plan was the First Doctor Bathing Beauty, Christmas Invasion Ten, debut Gaz, and do Tim Bisley again. But Tim has seen a bit of recent action, so I decided to pull him.

I was tempted to swap in Barcelona Ten, but I realized I wore him to both Marcon and DragonCon last year while Christmas Invasion Ten hasn’t been out since 2011. While trying to figure out where I could fit in Death, I noticed that Didi has only been worn once at my first Ohayocon in 2012. So I added her to the line-up. I figure Death can wait for Marcon next year since I probably won’t have my TNG uniform by then. Also, after a friend’s compliments on my Dawn, I decided to add her as well. She did get a lot of compliments when I first wore her in 2012, so I decided why not!

Now my approach (with the exception of next year) is to make sure everyone is getting convention time and only bringing out one new costume per convention. This way there is good circulation of all the costumes and it will help me space out the new costumes while I’m in school and unable to get many more finished.

And then there’s Halloween… But that’s a completely different problem.

The Doctor: Post-Regeneration

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The instant the regeneration process finished, there was this extremely hot guy standing there with a leather jacket on. Yes, I fell in love with his looks before I knew what the Tenth Doctor would be like. Can you blame me?

When I got my leather jacket for Death and Didi, I realized that it looks close enough to the Ninth Doctor’s jacket and that Ten wears it for a few minutes after the regeneration process finishes. So I took another look at the outfit and it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be.

The wig is the Rufio in Spanish Brown from Arda Wigs. I feel I’ve already talked enough about that. ($30)

I had the coat already from Goodwill (for Didi), so no cost there. Eventually I may get one of the Nine coats, especially since his coat seems to have regenerated along with the rest of him. Really! Look at it! It’s not distressed at all. (Under $10)

I looked and looked and looked at Goodwill for a black v-neck sweater. Nothing. Finally I gave up and went to Amazon where I found a great sweater. It has a little texture to it, but it looks great. And it’s 100% cotton which means it’ll breathe in the Labor Day weekend heat and humidity. ($18.02)

For pants, since I’m going with the overall close-enough look, I’m just going with my black jeans. But I am trying to find some black Dockers which are much more accurate.

I really lucked out on the boots. I had bought some black work boots from Payless for Harry Dresden a few years ago. Turns out they are the best option if you can’t afford the actual style he wore. Love it! ($34.99)

Is it the most recognizable of his looks? No. But how often do you see someone doing a newly regenerated Doctor? It’s too irresistible!

Bringing the Doctor back!

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Character

I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. Recently I decided to take a break from the 20th century and go back to the 21st. Last night I just finished watching the Ninth Doctor and it got me thinking.

I was starting to rethink retiring Ten just after regeneration, aka Barcelona Ten as I like to think of it now. Part of why I didn’t like it was the wig. But that’s been taken care of. The other part was the sweater/jumper I had bought for it. On Amazon it looked like it would work fine. But when I got it, it was not nearly as good as I thought it would be.

Luckily, tonight I found something that is hopefully a good replacement on Amazon. This time I paid attention to what it was made out of. 100% cotton is going to be a huge improvement over what I have. Also it’ll breathe really well in the hot Atlanta sun. Some of the reviews said that it can be thin, but I can just wear a black t-shirt underneath.

So, if I can find some new black pants, I think I’ll have another outfit for Ten. This time it will have a bit more thought put into its creation. I think I’m going to enjoy it more this time around.

Make-up Test!

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After watching a recent episode of FaceOff, I decided to look into Kryolan Aquacolor to use for Death. I have been trying to find something that will cover without caking and is easy to apply. Aquacolor looked like it would work.

So I went over to CosplaySupplies.com and took a look at what they had. I ended up ordering a little more than I had originally planned, but it’s going to be so worth it. I know because it arrived today!

I bought a 30ml white Aquacolor, a 4ml black Aquacolor refill, round makeup sponge, natural makeup sponge, and a brush. I only wanted a little bit of black, since I’ll only be using it for Death and Dawn. Which is what the brush is for. I need to be able to paint in lines, and I figured a brush is the way to go. The natural sponge is for applying the white. The round sponge is possibly for general makeup application. If not, it’ll probably be for the final layer of white.

I couldn’t resist trying out the white once I got things opened. I love it! It goes on really well and doesn’t cake on. I can easily do my arms and still be comfortable. That means I have more options for Death! I can finally do Death in a t-shirt from the end of the series without having to worry about how my arms will be white. A quick layer of sealer and I’ll be good to go!

Here’s how the test turned out:

Here’s the top of my arm with multiple coats. I think letting it dry a little more between coats will help to get more solid color.

This is the underside of my arm with just one coat. Not bad, right?

It washes off with soap and water, which makes cleaning up so much easier. I’m looking forward to doing Death more often. This is going to be fun!


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A year or so ago I bought a new wig for Ten. It was Arda Wigs’ Rufio in Chocolate. The style was perfect for Ten and I hoped that Chocolate would be the right color. It wasn’t as dark as I was hoping, but I was trying not to let my perfectionist tendencies to get a hold of me.

Until I saw how it looked in photos.

I couldn’t ignore it any longer. That hair color just does not work for Ten. It’s not dark or brown enough. So when I was looking at what colors they have for Rufio now, which is a lot more than when I first ordered one, I was ecstatic to note that they had it in Spanish Brown. I quickly found the swatch on my ring and studied it until I was sure it was the right color.

It arrived recently. It is perfect. The color is perfect. The style is a great start that gets even better with steam and product. I’ve only used the steamer once, but it’s already starting to look better. More Ten-like. I’m planning to work on it at least once more with the steamer before I try to go in with product. Ideally, the product will simply add the final touch to the look rather than create the style.

I decided to take it for a simple test run to ‘choir’ practice at church. I put it on and looked in the mirror. Perfect! It looks amazing without any product in it. It still needs more work with the steamer, but I’m right: the product will simply be a final touch, not a part of creating the style.

I ran across this earlier when I was at Arda’s site. It’s a great little piece, especially the end.

Customer Spotlight: Hee-Hee

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Shopping spree!

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Between yesterday and today a lot of money was spent. I love it!

Yesterday I was finally able to order my Next Generation uniform! Now if can just arrive before DragonCon next year I’ll be a very happy Trekkie!

After that I went to Ulta to get restocked on my make-up. After much looking and searching for non-glittery or shimmery eyeshadow, and comparing foundations I finally got the basics to restock my kit. For me, the basics are:

  • Foundation, male
  • Foundation, female
  • Primer
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Finishing powder
  • Brown shadows (for male contouring)
  • Orange shadow (for Tim)
  • Black shadow
  • Mascara
  • Liquid liner
  • Light lipstick
  • Dark lipstick

This, with my white eyeliner and lip stain that didn’t get thrown out, gives me enough make-up to do everyone’s basics, aside from Death. And it’s all the same brand! Well, aside from the lip stain. I just hope it all works as well as I’m thinking it will. I’m so excited to have an actual highlighter now. It should bring an extra level to my make-ups now. I know what I’ll be working on in the next month and a half before Marcon. I don’t want to be spending hours on getting the make-up right when I have a panel to get to.

Today was a bit of an unexpected purchase. While watching The Night of the Doctor I got the great idea to do a younger War Doctor. Go clean shaven, less beat up clothing, and hair that isn’t gray. I started looking for pictures of John Hurt when he was younger to make sure I got the hair color right. I also pulled up the Rufio page on Arda Wigs to make sure I could match the color.

Turns out I already have the right color. The Rufio in Chocolate that I originally bought for Ten will work great! But how the color looks in the sun, let alone inside, just doesn’t quite say Ten for me. That’s when I found it. They’ve expanded the colors that the Rufio is available in since I ordered the wig the first time. They have it in a color that it definitely Ten. So I ordered it.

This is great! I’ll have a more color accurate Ten wig and a wig that will work for the War Doctor when I can afford to start assembling him.

The War Doctor isn’t a new costume thought. I’ve figured he’d be another great costume that I can age into. But it was established that he looked much younger when he first regenerated. So by getting everything while I’m younger, it allows for time to naturally age the parts and they’ll look even better once I’m closer to the right age. And who knows, there might be more gray wigs available by then!