I am an idiot!

This week I’m teaching my class about fandom, including fan conventions. I want to be in costume for those days, but I couldn’t figure out what to do for one day. I’m going to do my genderbend Kyo for one day, I still don’t know which. I was stuck on the other day. I don’t have much, if anything, that many would recognize. I was trying to figure out if I should take something that has more assembly to it than Kyo, something I created rather than put together from exiting clothing. I put on Doctor Who as background and within a minute of the episode starting, I knew what I should do: Osgood.

I had them watch both “The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inversion” in class and take note of how the episodes address much of what we talked about in class up to that point. So not only would they remember the character, but I have everything for a really good Osgood! I have a maroon tie, lab coat, scarf, and maroon Chucks. Not only will they recognize me, but it’s a great combination of found and made items, as well as the fact that I’ll be “cosplaying a cosplayer” to quote Moffat.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing Osgood for conventions. I think I may have to add her to the rotation!

Star Trek fun


As I mentioned last night, I finally feel excited about celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek at conventions this year. I have conceptualized an outfit that will show my love of the franchise, not just one series. What got me out of my funk was the thought of my Doctor Who Fangirl: the way the outfit incorporates each regeneration and celebrates the entire series.

1819Thus I have conceptualized what I am calling, for lack of a better term, my Star Trek Fangirl outfit. Maybe I should call it my Steampunk Star Trek outfit, seeing as how the pattern is quite steampunk. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing this outfit come together.

After finally deciding on this pattern, this look, I looked at it to figure out what piece would represent what era. I feel confident that each era will come across.

The Original Series is going to be represented in the skirt from B. You can see that it has a little contrast on the sides and in back. I’m going to be much more subtle than they show. I ordered some Shantung Sateen from Fabric.com. It has a smooth sides and a shantung side (the picture on the site does better than I could do to describe it). The shantung side will provide the contrast. This way it’ll be more texture than color.

The movies’ uniform (aka the Monster Maroons) is going to be the shrug/bolero from A. That is going to be made from linen, again ordered from Fabric.com. I’m not going to line it, since that kind of defeats the purpose of making it from linen. This is going to be worn at DragonCon, anything I can do to keep cool is what I will do! To further the movie uniform look, I’ve ordered the officer’s badge to wear on the front. It’s accurate for the uniform, as well as looking like an amazing accessory.

I’m going to use my black underbust corset instead of making anything. I have ordered a sleeveless mock turtleneck in teal from Amazon. That combination is going to represent The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. It’s kind of a combination of the two looks, while also being similar to the look from the TNG movies that was also on later DS9. I am going to try to figure out how to make some “rank pips” to attach to my collar. I considered ordering some actual rank pips, but decided to keep it more jewelry-like instead of uniform.

To finish everything off, I’ll be wearing some black leggings with my black boots. That is one thing that has been consistent since the series began. Yes, the women wore black nylons, not solid leggings. But I’ll be much more comfortable in the leggings and it’s going to look great!

My goal is to have this done for DragonCon, but I’m going to try to get it done in time for Marcon. It looks like I’ll have something to do over spring break, after I’ve reclaimed my room and gotten some work done for school.

Oh, the life of a cosplayer in graduate school!

The inspiration brick has hit!

I was about to complain about the drama and how I wasn’t feeling inspired to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Then I started to think about my Doctor Who Fangirl. The idea came to me to create something similar: an outfit that celebrates Star Trek. The problem is how?

After some thinking and looking at patterns, I finally figured it out!


I’m going to do the skirt from B (on the left) for TOS. The bolero from A (on the right) for the movies, aka the Monster Maroons. I’ll have a teal mock turtleneck to wear with my black underbust corset for TNG/DS9. Then add some black leggings and boots, my TNG messenger bag from ThinkGeek, some ‘rank pips’ (which I need to figure out), and an officer’s badge on the jacket and it’s ready to go!

I’ve gone from possibly not wearing anything to celebrate at Marcon or DragonCon to having this figured out and put in an order for the fabrics and badge. Crazy!

They’re here!

My Arda Wigs shipment arrived! Both wigs and both sets of wefts! Yay!! The Dark Blue wefts were on backorder when I placed my order. I thought I’d have to wait to start working on things, but I don’t! I just need the time to figure out each wig’s style and structure before I dive in.

Also, those wefts are going to need a lot of trimming! But that might end up being a good thing since they’re going to be teased a lot to get things standing up. Teasing takes up length. I may have to be strategic with my placement of Dark Blue wefts. I may have to use them on the outsides of the spikes to ensure they’re long enough.

I guess I’ll find out when I start working on things! I don’t want to speculate too much. There will be detailed posts of my work on both wigs with pictures, and hopefully video too!

Junpei is coming…finally!

Junpei Origami Fine Art Print at MegaGear.com.
(c)Fred Gallagher

I have been wanting to put together a costume inspired by this art print for years now. I’ve always loved Junpei and that hair…that hair begs to be brought to life.

But the hair has been the problem. I had a wig for a while to do a genderbent Junpei, but I never did anything with it. I needed to color sections of it and I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. Then there’s the spiking. Ugh.

Then, yesterday, I saw a tutorial on YouTube for adding volume to and spiking wigs. I was looking at ways to add to or combine wigs to add volume. When I found that tutorial, a whole new world was opened to me. I went to Arda Wigs and ordered a base wig, matching wefts, and lighter colored wefts to combine into one wonderful Junpei wig. I will be documenting the process from beginning to end, hopefully using video, not just pictures. My goal is to make that wig only using hair in the spikes; no foam. I believe that it is possible.

Also, thanks to that tutorial, I’m inspired to get a few other wigs finished up and looking how I really want them to look. So hopefully there will be wig posts coming; hopefully videos, too! This is going to be interesting, and hopefully fun!

New Year, new look

I decided that it was time for a change in the look of this place. I admit, while this theme is really different than anything I’ve used before, I like it. It gives me a lot of options for how it looks without having to change the basic configuration.

The biggest change has been the sidebar. All of the information is still here, it’s just hidden. If you click on the three dots in top right corner, it will switch over to that. If you need to get back to the main page, or whatever you were looking at, just click the X.

Hopefully I’ll be keeping this for a while and simply changing up the background picture. Have fun! And, please let me know if there’s something about the theme that doesn’t work. There’s no point in having a blog if no one can read it!