I am sad to admit that I will not be able to finish my Star Trek Fangirl outfit for DragonCon this year. The class I am teaching, my thesis, and other professional commitments are requiring my attention more. I am going to have it done for next year. I am hoping to have it done for Marcon next year. I feel like I have spent too much on quality fabrics to rush putting this outfit together and not have it looking its best. Sometimes you need to think about the quality of the finished product and decide if it’s more important than having the finished product.

But, I am going to take my TOS Science Uniform with me. It might get two days out in the convention now. I am also taking my TNG hoodie and am looking into getting the 50th Anniversary badge to wear with it. I am also going to go with Osgood for the parade since it’s a simple outfit to put together, I am comfortable in it, and I can hide my water underneath it. Also, I can drift between the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and War Doctors and never be out of place!

I knew when I started graduate school that this might happen. I am fine with it. Cosplay is my hobby (and possible future research subject). Getting my master’s is going to take priority over all of my hobbies. Because once I get my career started, I’ll be able to make time to focus on my hobbies again. It’s all about priorities.

Fangirl Plans

I feel like I have been using this blog simply as a place to record my progress or lack thereof. But from here out, this is not just about the costumes, but me as a costumer. I realize there are aspects of that here already, but there’s something to declaring it and putting it out there officially.


With 32 days until DragonCon, and fewer days until we leave for DragonCon, I still need to get my Star Trek Fangirl outfit finished. I’ve been busy this summer with jobs on campus and going back and forth on the weekends. I’m really hoping to remedy that next weekend.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to work on it. It’s that I really don’t have a lot of space to work on it. In order to lay out the fabric so I can get it cut out I have to take over the living room. That tends to get on my husband’s nerves.

Thankfully I only need to lay out the fabric for the jacket and the skirt/bustle combination. I should be able to get everything cut out on Saturday, sewn together on Sunday, and get the purse, hat, and mock turtleneck finished up on Monday. If I don’t then I am going to be a stressed out wreck madly trying to get my costume finished up in time for the convention.

Have I mentioned how stressful it is to want to make costumes while you go to graduate school in a different city? Argh!

I know, I know!

I’ve been doing a lot of talking on here and not showing anything. I do have pictures of my work on the little hats I’ve made for my fangirls. I just need to free them from the camera. I’m sure each one will have its own post.

There will be other posts soon about the Star Trek fangirl, too. It recently hit me that we’re over halfway through June and I have the top hat finished. Nothing else is actually done. I have all the supplies I need to get it made, I just have to sit down and do it.  Hopefully I can dedicate a day or two while I’m home to getting work done. It’s really not that much work. I just have to:

  • sew the “rank pips” onto the mock turtleneck
  • cut out and sew together the skirt
  • cut out and sew together the shrug
  • figure out how to make the clutch

It’s really not that bad. The clutch is the only thing I am clueless about how to start. I should be able to get it done before August. At least everything but the clutch. I’m willing to wait on that. I’d rather have the outfit done and ready to go and be fussing with the clutch. It’s better to have something to wear and not have a clutch than have an incomplete outfit.

Be ready for the onslaught of photos!

Star Trek progress

I’ve had the supplies for days now, but today the need to work on the DS9 hat took over. I am so glad it did. It is looking so awesome right now, and it’s not even done! I’m hoping to get it finished later today after I go get some glue and bias tape to finish it off. It’ll be the first thing done for this outfit. Yay! Now if I can just get the jacket and skirt finished…

Pictures are coming!

Post-Marcon Inspiration

As usual, I come away from a convention with a new way of looking at my costumes. It really isn’t a bad thing, though. It inspires me to keep working on the ideas I have, gives me fresh ideas for how to approach problems, and opens my mind to new possibilities.

I was on a panel the last day about costumes. It was called “Cosplay Show and Tell”, but it was mostly tell. We ended up discussing details and how there is no one right way to create a costume. It just matters that it is right for you. Which is why I am still going to save up for a blue Tenth Doctor suit from Magnoli. The question remains: male or female? Hopefully I’ll have it figured out by the time I order it.

It also got me thinking about some other costumes that I’ve been working on or have already finished, as well as ones that I want but seemed out of reach. For example: a women’s science division uniform from the Star Trek: The Next Generation era. I mentioned it and how I probably won’t have one because ANOVOS cancelled their run due to lack of interest to a friend. They responded by asking why not make it myself? The conversation turned into why not just take the pattern for the men’s uniform and tailor it to fit me? Yes, that’s not what the women wore on the show. And? I’d be more comfortable. Wool gabardine is easier to find than jumbo spandex. Easier to dye too. It would also be easier to tailor to make it fit well than spandex. I am seriously considering it. When I have the time and resources to do so, of course.

But I was happy at the convention with my fix for not having a TNG-era uniform: science hoodie from ThinkGeek, QMx com badge, black leggings, boots. Comfy. Recognizable. It was fun. I am hoping to get my Star Trek fangirl outfit done well before DragonCon. I don’t want to be working on it just before classes start up again. But I’ve even added a couple of touches to it that I think are going to make it a lot more fun.

It’s so nice to be inspired to work on my costumes again. Now if I could just afford to go to a convention or two during the school year I’ll be good. One at the end and one at the beginning is not good for my creative juices!

I am an idiot!

This week I’m teaching my class about fandom, including fan conventions. I want to be in costume for those days, but I couldn’t figure out what to do for one day. I’m going to do my genderbend Kyo for one day, I still don’t know which. I was stuck on the other day. I don’t have much, if anything, that many would recognize. I was trying to figure out if I should take something that has more assembly to it than Kyo, something I created rather than put together from exiting clothing. I put on Doctor Who as background and within a minute of the episode starting, I knew what I should do: Osgood.

I had them watch both “The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inversion” in class and take note of how the episodes address much of what we talked about in class up to that point. So not only would they remember the character, but I have everything for a really good Osgood! I have a maroon tie, lab coat, scarf, and maroon Chucks. Not only will they recognize me, but it’s a great combination of found and made items, as well as the fact that I’ll be “cosplaying a cosplayer” to quote Moffat.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing Osgood for conventions. I think I may have to add her to the rotation!