Marcon 2014

That was a wonderful convention. I’ve already gushed about it over on Polymind, but I wanted to talk costumes a bit more. Arthur was the most recognized costume of the weekend. Come to think about it, I may make Arthur a staple of Marcon. I had my picture taken three times, which was great. I… Read More Marcon 2014


Now that I know what I’ll be doing with my life for the next year, my motivation has returned! Tomorrow I’m going to get some new razor blades so I can get Harry’s wig in better shape. Sunday I’m going to get working on his coat! Finally! Granted I’ve got less than a month to… Read More Motivated


Well, I just spent over $100 on stuff to go workout in. Yes. It is sad that I finally get motivation to work out after spending money on it, but at least the motivation’s there. How does this relate to cosplay and costuming? You must be new to this. I’m looking forward to being more… Read More Motivation


Yeah. This weekend. Nothing costume-related happened. I was all ready to get started on Harry when I realized I didn’t have enough space in the living room to lay out the fabric. Grrrr. And I managed to totally forget to get things set up to get the photo for Becks ID done. Grrrrr. One thing… Read More FML

I give up!

I know I said I wasn’t going to post, but I’ve been really busy lately and just can’t stand not posting here anymore! Okay. No progress has been made on getting costumes made. The pattern for One’s bathing suit finally arrived, which is progress of a kind. I have gotten my sewing table up and… Read More I give up!