About Me

Hi there! ::waves::

I have been watching science-fiction for as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t until college that my horizons expanded. I was introduced to so many sci-fi shows that were outside of the Star Trek universe that I knew. Red Dwarf and Farscape mostly. Then I was introduced to anime, manga, and webcomics. My sophomore year a friend of mine convinced me that anime wasn’t all just badly synced cartoons like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and asked me to watch InuYasha for her that night since she couldn’t watch. This was back when what Adult Swim showed was new to us. That got me hooked. I religiously watched AS every night. The next quarter my roommate introduced me to manga, fansubs, and webcomics. I dove right in and never looked back.

The same roommate had also mentioned something about cosplay, which got me interested. My first cosplay was for Halloween my junior year of college. I got a few things from Goodwill and put together a Milly Thompson coat. Trigun is one of my favs, I’m tall, and I had long brown hair. So Milly made perfect sense. Only a few people recognized me, but it was soooo worth it! The next year, as I had cut my hair short, I did Wolfwood and made a cross using cardboard and paper. Again, a few recognized me, and it was a ton of fun. Later, I made a new cross for Wolfwood by layering cardboard and fitting it all together. Then I wrapped it in fabric and wound a black strap around it. It was heavy, but it looked amazing!

Slowly I’ve gotten deeper into anime and manga, science-fiction, and comic books. I made a few costumes for Halloween parties and other parties. Doctor Who is one of my favorite series, and the Tenth Doctor is my doctor and was my first attempt with wigs.

In 2010 I went to my first convention ever, Dragon*Con. Getting ready for it I started costuming like crazy. And that leads us here. I used to be really anal about details. But something Fred Gallagher (creator of MegaTokyo) said about fan art clicked with me and my cosplay. Now I look at it as living fan art. Cosplay allows you to walk around showing your love for a character or a show. The important thing is that you are having fun doing it.

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