Shopping spree!

Between my bonus check and Christmas money, I have ordered a ton of costume supplies. -First Doctor Bathing Suit: fabric and pattern -Ten Blue suit: pattern, lining, buttons, notions -Dawn: tights and boots -Christmas Invasion: 2 of the three yarns for the scarf -Dr. Abbey: lab coat -Fangirl: Seventh Doctor TARDIS key I can’t wait…

No shame in redoing

Last night I started on the new Fourth-Doctor-Scarf-inspired arm-warmers for the Fangirl. The first one used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport. I could only get so close on a few of the colors, which really bugged me, and they were a little too chunky for me. This time I’m using Knit Picks Palette,…

Weekend work

So, this weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, but I still got a lot done. I finished Seven’s arm-warmer! Now I just have to go back through and weave in all those ends, a task I am not looking forward to. But it’s nice to have all the knitting for my Fangirl finished! Read more

It was worth it

Last night I got some more work done on Seven’s arm-warmer. I’ve got the thumb hole finished and have started on the ribbing for the wrist. I tried it on and it looks amazing!Read more


So, I restarted the arm-warmer and it looks so much better now. While it still sucks that I’m starting over, I feel better about how it’s going to look and fit now. This weekend, I’m hoping to make some serious progress. My plan for Saturday is to get the Confessional for Wolfwood built. I figure…


Grrrr. I’m making really good progress on my Seventh Doctor arm-warmer. But the part up on the hand is a little lumpy. I’m not that great at floating yarn properly. When I started the ribbing for my wrist, I knitted it up too tightly. I also made the thumb hole too big. Read more