Tumble, tumble, tumble

I have been struggling with myself for a while. I love this; the one place where I can talk about all aspects of costuming. But I also like the idea of having dedicated blogs for each costume. A place where I can focus just on one. Yesterday I was working on teasing apart the posts here into their separate costumes on a blog on my website, but it just wasn’t quite what I wanted. Then I had a thought. And that thought was Tumblr.

I already have a Tumblr just for the Doctor Who Fangirl, why not other costumes? I don’t want to go through and give every single costume it’s own blog, but there were a few that stood out. I’ve added two costume Tumblrs: TRON: Legacy costumes, The Tenth Doctor. Neither one is dedicated solely to once costume, but rather a category. TRON: Legacy costumes encompasses both the Dude on the Grid and Kevin Flynn. I’m actively working on the Dude now and I have plans for a few Kevin Flynn costumes. The Tenth Doctor is, well, the Tenth Doctor. Because of my love for Ten and his varying outfits, I felt this was a good category to go with.

Now that I think about it, I might create one for my Pirogoeth cosplay. The process of bringing an original character to life would be an interesting one to sit down and document.

Anyway. I’m telling you all of this to let you know that I will be cross-posting all posts from the Tumblrs here. I’ll be tagging it as such at the beginning of the post, but I still want to have as much information located here as possible. That also means there may be multiple posts in one day. I don’t know if I’ll be bringing over any old info from the Fangirl’s Tumblr, since there’s quite a bit posted there. But I might do a quick Fangirl update post to get things even again.

I’m going to add links to the Tumblrs on the side, and I’ll post if when I add any others.

October Updates

Christmas Invasion Doctor
I am still knitting away. The extra yarn arrived for the scarf and I switched back to that. I just switched over to my fourth skein overall, the second skein of red. It means I’m halfway done! But I’m starting to wonder if I’m going with the right pattern. I watched the part where he’s wearing the scarf again, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s one chunk of each color one skein long repeated. You know: purple, red, orange, purple, red, orange.
Strike that. I just watched it again with better lighting and I was right the first time. Each color has a long chunk before moving on to the next. I feel much better about that now.

The Dude on the Grid
I got pretty far into the Dude’s sweater before the yarn arrived, which is why I felt fine setting it aside. It knits up fairly quickly, so I’m not worried about how long it’s going to take. I just need to get the rest of the yarn I need to get it done.
And the more I think about that costume, the more I seriously consider entering it into the costuming contest. I am knitting up the sweater from a pattern that I’m slightly modifying. I’m going to be making the pants myself. I’m going to be modifying the disc and adding the “beverage” to the glass. I’m probably going to be coming up with how to attach the disc to the sweater myself. I’ll be modifying the wig and beard myself. The only things that are not getting modified at all are the shirt, socks, and jelly sandals. I’ll be doing the majority of the work and incorporating a lot of different techniques. I think I’ve got a chance at doing well. And if I don’t, then I’ll just have fun!

The Abiding has begun

And already I’ve run into a happy accident.

Recently I started working on the scarf for my Christmas Invasion Tenth Doctor. Since I’m figuring out the pattern as I go, I found out that I need two skeins of each color. I only have one. So I ordered more. But I was really in a knitting mood and had nothing to knit. That’s when I turned to my shelves and pulled a bag of yarn I’ve been slowly adding to: the yarn for the Dude’s sweater on the Grid.

I found a pattern for the Dude’s sweater on Ravelry. I looked at the type of yarn they said to use and found a different brand that would work for what I needed. That’s what I’ve been working on buying. When I started working on it, I thought the yarn seemed a little too bulky but didn’t worry about it. Today I looked at the yarn they wanted me to use and then looked at what I was using: I was right. The yarn I’m using is super bulky, not bulky. As far as I can tell that means it’s going to be longer and a little wider than intended.

So, instead of panicking, I decided to think. Who says that when the Dude was transported to the grid that the color scheme is the only thing that changed about his sweater. If it’s a little longer, it’ll just look a little bit more like Kevin Flynn’s black robes, and I do not mind that at all. Also, clothing looks a bit different on the Grid. Why not have a longer sweater? Now I may have to do a little adjusting with the sleeves, or just roll up the cuffs.

And the one thing that is really making this project enjoyable: Knit Picks. The pattern suggests using circular needles to bear the weight of the pieces better than straights would. Considering there are four different sizes being used throughout the project, I decided to go with interchangeable circulars. I am so glad I did. I started off with US6 and then changed to US10. I just unscrewed one set and screwed on the other. So awesome!

Getting to work

Now that I have time to work on knitting again, I’ve decided to tackle the scarf Ten wears while going through the TARDIS wardrobe in The Christmas Invasion.

This scarf.

Yesterday I scoured the internet trying to find out anything about this scarf that would help me make it. Nothing. So I decided to watch that scene and try and get a screencap that would give me some more information. I got it!


If you look at the right side of the picture, you can see the end of the scarf. I watched that scene a few times and I think it’s just three long blocks of color. But by finding the end of the scarf, I have an idea of how long each section needs to be.

As soon as I get the scarf finished, I will post the pattern here. I promise. For now I’m just keeping track of things as I go and documenting them in a thread over at Prydon Academy.

I can’t wait to get it done. I really feel that the addition of the scarf will cut down on the case of mistaken identity. I’m hoping that it doesn’t simply make the person think twice about calling me Arthur Dent, but the scarf triggers something that makes them think The Doctor and hopefully spark the memory and know who I am.

Not that I’m going to have to worry about that too much since I’m probably not going to be taking the bathrobe and scarf anywhere but Marcon from here on out. The bathrobe alone is too much for DragonCon. But I’m hoping to still be able to take the pyjamas, I just need to get a big prop made first.

Upcoming and Updates – September

I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to regularly post an update on what I’m working on and a quick overview of what’s coming up.

I’ll start with what’s coming up since that’s quicker. First there’s Halloween. Right now my plan is Columbia in her pjs for class the Thursday before and Gaz for my friends’ party. I’m tempted to bring out Tim for class on Tuesday just for fun.

There’s really only one thing I’m working on right now, the Fangirl. Regular updates are on the Tumblr, but I’ll recap quickly. I’m working on the first glove for the Fourth Doctor. The gloves will be useful in both outfits, if I ever get around to doing the Victorian-style one. I also found leg-warmers for the War Doctor. I’m considering replacing the buttons that are on them with ones that are closer to what are on his spats.

That’s really it right now. After the chaos of prepping for DragonCon, I’m glad for some quiet. It’s nice.

Another DragonCon Down

And more lessons learned!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast! I even got to meet a reader (Hi, JH!) and had a blast at my photoshoots. I almost died in the parade. Well, not quite died, but it was really hot and really long and I was Ten in Nine’s clothing, aka lots of hot layers. I really don’t know how Nine cosplayers do it.

But on to the lessons!

I cannot do more than two costumes in one day if I want any chance of going to panels. I had the Doctor Who Bathing Beauties photoshoot Friday morning, which was awesome and I will post pics once I get them. Then I went back to the hotel and changed into Harry. That meant I couldn’t get in line early enough for the big panel I wanted to see. Then there was the Legendary Sleuths photoshoot, which started late, but was a blast. Once that got done I ran back to my room, changed into my SG-13 uniform, and found my hubby in line for the next panel. But as he approached the point where the line was heading downstairs for the panel, they said the room was full. :(

I’m thinking my main problem was the third costume. If I just stuck with my First Doctor and Harry, I would have been better off. It’s a good lesson for next year since I’ll probably be bringing both again for the same shoots.

The biggest lesson I learned, which was reinforced in a panel, I need to get Under Armour. I need it under every costume for DragonCon. The Atlanta heat and humidity made me sweat like crazy when I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a lab coat! Under Armour is going to help me stay cool and worry a little less about dehydration.

And then there’s all the ideas that popped into my head while I was there, but I’ll save that for later. ;)

I am a sewing fool!

Last night I got my work area cleaned off and started sewing the bathing suit. I sewed up everything that I could and really didn’t want to have to cut more fabric so things would fit, so I started on Harry’s coat.

That must be the point where I fell into the time vortex, because the next thing I knew it was 3 o’clock in the morning. I finally collapsed into bed at about 4:15am, but the body of Harry’s coat was sewn together! That just leaves sleeves, collar, mantle, and lining.

Hopefully tonight I’ll get the bathing suit finished up and put another dent in Harry’s coat. I knew once I finally sat down to sew this would happen! The motivation has returned!

Revamping the fangirl…again

While I do have a Tumblr devoted to this costume, I feel this is worthy of being posted here. I have come up with a whole new approach to this costume.

Simplicity 1819

I had the idea of using a layered skirt instead of patchwork, when that pattern popped into my head. It works really well for the outfit. I quickly grabbed the pattern so I could have it in front of me and then wrote down all thirteen regenerations. It will be mostly A with B’s bolero. Slowly I went through and figured out how each would be represented. Some, like One and Eight, were easier to figure out than others, like Eleven and War. But I got it figured out and here’s the breakdown:

One: Monocle. It just screams to be used here.
Two: Hat band. I think the hounds-tooth will pop really well here.
Three: Hat. The hat is not part of the pattern, but it works so well I’m going to take the hat I bought for Didi and cover it in red velvet.
Four: Fingerless gloves. I just love the idea of incorporating the scarf without using a scarf.
Five: Shirt. It’s already v-neck, so I’m going to paint on the lines around the neck on ivory fabric.
Six: Umbrella. That isn’t changing. Well, it’s going to be a new umbrella, but with the same configuration.
Seven: Umbrella handle. It’s fun and cool and will make the umbrella so much easier to carry around.
Eight: Fob watch. The 50th Anniversary fob watch just screams to be used. Just like the monocle. I’m getting it in stereo.
War: Skirt (main part). With that much area being covered, it needed a simple fabric. His pants are perfect.
Nine: Black leather corset. Why change what works. Also it’s one less thing that I’ll have to make.
Ten: Skirt (bottom), Converse, brainy specs. I figure that bottom ruffle is perfect for the blue pinstripe. And seeing as he’s my favorite, he needs more representation.
Eleven: Bustle. The brown tweed will work well here between the black of the corset and the brown of the skirt.
Twelve: Bolero. This is the perfect place for him. Navy brown bolero with a nice, bright red lining.

I’ve already got a little over half of it done. Soon it’ll simply be down to the hat and outfit. That’s where the fun will begin.