Now that I know what I’ll be doing with my life for the next year, my motivation has returned! Tomorrow I’m going to get some new razor blades so I can get Harry’s wig in better shape. Sunday I’m going to get working on his coat! Finally! Granted I’ve got less than a month to get it made, but now that I have the motivation to do it, I think I can have it done before the con.

Speaking of the con, I don’t know if anyone’s going to Marcon or if anyone cares what I’m wearing when, but here’s my gameplan:
Thursday night (registration pick-up): Arthur Dent
Friday afternoon: The Doctor (Post-regeneration)
Saturday morning: Harry Dresden
Saturday afternoon: SG-13
Sunday: Rebecca “Becks” Atherton

And somehow I just realized that I’ve clumped all my crossplays together, kind of. Oh well. It just means when I switch from Harry to SG-13 I can put away all the guy make-up and the binder. Yay! I’m really looking forward to this con. I’m also excited that I’ll be able to go again next year. Now I just need to find a replacement for Ohayocon in January and I can have three cons a year that are perfectly spaced out! : scurries off to find a con :


This weekend I actually got something done for two costumes. I washed the fabrics for Harry’s new coat and One’s bathing suit! This is the first time I’ve washed the fabric before cutting and sewing.

What can I say, usually I’m so excited to get going that I just dive right in. But now I’m more concerned about making a well-made costume that will last through the years and still look good. I don’t want one washing to completely ruin it. Not that anything like that’s happened, yet. But I figure if I’m going to take the time to make sure it fits right and do good strong seams, I might as well prep things first.

Now if I can get Dr. Abbey’s shirts washed Saturday, I can paint them Sunday and have her ready to go. I might be able to get a pic done and get Becks’ badge finished too. It would be really nice to get these two finished.

And as much as I want/need to get started on my genderbend Ten, I’m working on getting in better shape. So I figure I should wait until I know what shape I’m going to be in before cutting into this fabric that I cannot buy any more of and have a very limited amount of to begin with.

Oh the frustrations of a cosplayer.


Well, I just spent over $100 on stuff to go workout in. Yes. It is sad that I finally get motivation to work out after spending money on it, but at least the motivation’s there.

How does this relate to cosplay and costuming? You must be new to this. I’m looking forward to being more confident in how I look which means I’ll be motivated to get more costumes done! Yay me!

Speaking of which, tonight I should get home before my hubby, which means my motivation will hopefully keep going and I’ll get started on Harry tonight. Also I have to do a video for class, so while I have all that set up, I’ll get the pic for Becks ID done so she can finally be done and ready for Marcon.

Yay for motivation (no matter where it comes from)!


Yeah. This weekend. Nothing costume-related happened. I was all ready to get started on Harry when I realized I didn’t have enough space in the living room to lay out the fabric. Grrrr. And I managed to totally forget to get things set up to get the photo for Becks ID done. Grrrrr.

One thing did happen, though. Columbia’s Mickey Mouse ears arrived! Columbia is done and ready for Halloween!

Yes, I have managed to get my Halloween costume done while I still need to finish up two for Marcon and make two and finish one more for Dragon*Con. But, getting the ears off of eBay is simple compared to the others. I’m starting to think I need to block off March Saturdays for costume work. I really think if I can get Becks and Harry finished, my motivation will keep me going to get Dr. Abbey, One and Ten done.

I can dream.

Weekend priorities

As much as I want to, and probably will, work on my haori this weekend, I need to get working on things for Marcon. I know I’ve been saying this for a while, but I finally have the motivation to do it!

Yesterday my new black canvas for Harry’s new coat arrived. I’m hoping to at least get everything cut and ready for sewing. I’m also hoping that getting that done will create momentum and I’ll just keep going and do the sewing. But I have class Saturday morning, which gets done around the time I usually get up. So hopefully that and the nap afterwards won’t throw me off too much. But since the fabric is black, I can use my new perforated tracing wheel and pounce to transfer the pattern and leave it whole for once!

Tonight when I get home, if I’m not totally exhausted, I may go ahead and get the head-shot I need for Becks so I can print out the ID tomorrow and get her finished, finally. I just realized that would work out really, really well. That way I can completely focus on Harry.

Who knows, getting Harry and Becks done may motivate me to get working on my Dragon*Con costumes. Considering I need to completely make two of them and get a t-shirt finished up for a third, I need that to happen.

So, Shigure…

Just like last year, the Kimono 101 & 102 panel at Ohayocon has me thinking about kimono! That means Shigure has been on my mind.

Shigure SohmaI’ve had everything to get his kimono made, I just didn’t have the time or desire to do the dyeing. I decided to go with muslin and dye it the right color. I know it’s not the right kind of fabric to be using, but it’ll have the right look, which is the important thing here. Now I’m starting to get the urge to get it dyed and done. I guess the motivation’s because of the panel and getting my own yukata done; I’m in the mood to make kimono. :shrugs:

I’m mostly planning on going with the purple parasol in addition to the kimono, but while looking at screenshots to be sure that his sleeves are closed at the end I saw a few where he’s wearing a haori. That got me thinking about making one for him too. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have it. That way if I go to Ohayocon again, I’d have that extra layer to keep me warm while still being in costume. Also I could work a few pockets into the inside to carry stuff. You can never have enough hidden pockets in a costume.

Another day, Another Dawn

I was sitting here and randomly started thinking about my attempts at Dawn. You know Dawn, right? This lovely goddess:

I realized that what’s been holding me back is myself. Then I had a breakthrough. I thought I had to portray Dawn the same way she’s portrayed in the books, and it never looks the way I envision it. But if I started from the point of “What would I wear?” instead of “What would Dawn wear?”, I would come up with something that I would like and would actually look the way I think it will.

Soon after that the costume started assembling itself in my mind. That’s usually a really good sign. I started with jeans and boots, then added a corset using fabrics I was planning to use on my very first attempt. But I really don’t look good, in my opinion, with bare shoulders. Then my mind did its magic and added a men’s shirt under the corset, unbuttoned down to the corset of course. I think of that and go “I would look amazing in that!” Add the hair, rose, and chain and I have a new Dawn to work on!

Luckily it’s not going to cost me much. Like I said, I have the Fashion (main) fabric for the corset, I just need lining, interfacing, and boning. Hopefully I can swing by Jo-Ann’s this week while the lining and interfacing are still on sale, pick up the boning with a 50% off coupon, and have everything ready to go.

I know it’s adding yet another costume to the list of stuff to work on, but it’s simply the corset, and I don’t have to have it done by a specific time. I’ll work on it when I can and just go from there. It’s going to be so much fun!

I give up!

I know I said I wasn’t going to post, but I’ve been really busy lately and just can’t stand not posting here anymore!

Okay. No progress has been made on getting costumes made. The pattern for One’s bathing suit finally arrived, which is progress of a kind. I have gotten my sewing table up and running, which reduces my amount of excuses for not working on things. Right now I’m trying to get a yukata finished up for Ohayocon (which I’ve posted about over in my Polymind), since I decided to go for the whole thing but not cosplay.

I’ve also made a couple of changes. Today I looked over the suggested panel list for Marcon and immediately two characters screamed at me to be cosplayed. They are going to have a Dresden Files panel! I’ve had everything to get his coat remade, I just haven’t had the motivation. Well, I have it now. So “Antisocial Climbers” episode Jane got switched out for Harry. There are going to be quite a few panels about Doctor Who. Seeing as we’re kinda still in the anniversary year, I’m not surprised. So Dawn got moved to Dragon*Con and Post-Regeneration Ten got added. At least I only have to do a little wig work and he’s ready to go.

Hopefully that is the final change I’ll be making to the list and this is it:

  • Arthur Dent [The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books/radio series]
  • Harry Dresden [The Dresden Files]
  • SG-13 Woodland [Stargate: SG-1]
  • Rebecca “Becks” Atherton [Newsflesh trilogy]
  • The Doctor (Post-Regeneration) [Doctor Who]

It does work out in the end. I didn’t want to put off debuting Post-Regen Ten until next year, but I am determined to wear the blue suit for Dragon*Con. I now have motivation to get Harry’s new coat made. Becks still gets debuted. Arthur gets to go to a con. SG-13 gets to be worn again.

Thank goodness I decided to splurge and get myself a hotel room. I would be panicking right now trying to squeeze everything in and worrying about what I’d do to change out of crossplay after 8 hours to give myself a break. It also allows me put off deciding whether to crossplay or genderbend the Doctor until that day. This is going to be so much fun!