Web inspired

This past weekend I found myself thinking of web comics. On Friday I got to hang out with a new group of fellow geeks and found myself thinking about MegaTokyo and Piro. So on Sunday I got out the wig, worked with it a bit, and got it ready to go with the Sad Kitty Ear hat. I’ve got pictures, they’re just not on the computer, yet.

Later on Sunday I went to the Laughing Ogre for the Slingshot Across America Tour book signing. Slingshot Across America is the book signing tour of Girls With Slingshots author Danielle Corsetto. When I was talking with the amazing, cool, and fun Danielle, we got talking about costumes. I told her of the awesome GWS costume I saw at Dragon*Con last year. When she showed interest in going to Dragon*Con, I immediately thought of going as Clarice. Specifically Clarice from this strip:

The second to last panel is the look I’m going for. I like the idea of running around a convention with two pistols and a bullet belt while wearing khakis and a brown sweater vest. I’ve already got the pants, one pistol, gloves, and shirt. I don’t need a wig and don’t need new glasses. I just need the vest, bullet belt, and other pistol. It’s going to be awesome.

But being the overachiever that I am, I’m thinking of throwing together a Hazel costume or two as well. Hazel is the main character, and there are times were I am totally Hazel. The only thing I really need for her is the wig. I’m hoping to get the Jeannie from Arda Wigs and turn the clip-on pony tail into a mess of curls. Now that I have a steamer, it can be done! I just need to be able to afford it first. Once I have that I just need to decide what empty beer bottle to have with me and figure out how to make a plush McPedro, since the official ones are sold out.


I have managed to get progress done on One. Last week I sat down and really looked at the pattern. It’s a reproduction of a pattern that is only for one size. It’s on thicker paper than the patterns I’ve usually worked with, and since it’s only one size, I figured why not cut it out first!

I am so glad I did. I know it is going to be easier to get the muslin cut out to make the mock-up with. Also it gives me a better idea of what I’m going to be working with. I am really hoping to get the mock-up made this week. Hopefully it won’t need much changing and I’ll be able to get working on the suit itself soon.

I would really like to have this done before August. That way it’s done with plenty of time before Dragon*Con. And I have those last few weeks to get Harry’s coat finished up!

It’s clean!

I now have the ability to sew things at my sewing machine again. I just haven’t had the time to do any. Partially because of everything that is involved in getting the First Doctor Bathing Beauty right.

I don’t think I’ve fully explained this outfit yet. It might help explain why I keep not getting anything done about it.

The whole idea was dreamed up last year by one of my fellow Prydon Academy members. Why not do “swimsuit representations” of the Doctor? When they decided to do it again this year, I immediately lept on the First Doctor. I had a great idea. Most of the ladies decided to stay faithful to the character of their regeneration as well as the clothing style. Since the First Doctor is often wearing Edwardian-era clothing, a bathing suit of the same era popped into my mind. But I wanted to add a couple of props to really bring out the First Doctor’s style. I decided some goggles, with modifications, and an umbrella would do the trick.

Decided to try to stay as accurate as possible, I began to do some research. I wanted to use accurate fabric, which was easier than I anticipated. Flannel was commonly used for bathing suits. So I bought enough (I hope) in black. After a little searching, I finally found a pattern for an Edwardian-era bathing suit! The only problem is that it is one size and I have no idea how it will fit. My plan is to take some measurements, make a mock-up, and, hopefully, use that to make the suit.

That is the main reason I haven’t gotten around to making the suit. But I really want to get it done because I’ve shared my ideas and progress and people are looking forward to seeing it. Not to mention the fact that the group would be short a Doctor. I have a great black umbrella, in homage to his cane. I’ve bought and modified a pair of goggles, in homage to his monocle. I’m going to create a head scarf to wrap around the wig I have for Tim Bisley so a few tendrils of almost white hair can poke out. I have socks and shoes. I just need to get that mock-up made.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make enough working tomorrow that I can just relax on Sunday and squeeze in getting it started after church and the book signing and my friends’ housewarming party.


Maybe I’ll win the lottery.

At least I now have extra motivation. Once I get One done, I can get Harry’s coat done and bring him to Dragon*Con to be a part of another group!

I’m just a glutton for punishment, aren’t I?

Running out of time

There are 60 days left before Dragon*Con. Which means I have 55 days to get three costumes done and ready to go. That is part of why I am taking Tuesday off. My goal is to get my room clean and organized. That way I will have the space to use the sewing machine again. Hopefully that will inspire me to get going on those three costumes: Dawn from the back cover of Return of the Goddess, Dr. Shannon Abbey from Deadline and Blackout, and the First Doctor.

Dawn needs the least amount of work. I simply need to shorten the sleeves on her shirt and she’s ready to go.

Dr. Abbey is next with her t-shirts. I need to wash the t-shirts and make the stencils before I can stencil the shirts. I should be able to get that done on Tuesday.

The First Doctor needs the most amount of work. I have the umbrella. I have modified the goggles. I have a wig. I need to make the bathing suit. Kind of an important part. Since I’m using a vintage pattern, I’m planning to make a mock-up out of muslin first and then use that as the final pattern. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to start on that Tuesday, but I doubt it.

Hopefully on Wednesday I’ll have pictures of shirts to share with all of you! I hope.


Tonight I’m actually watching Heroes of Cosplay when it’s on and I’m finding myself feeling ambivalent. It’s a little discouraging listening to Riki and Katie talk about needing the “wow factor” so they can win the prize and totally stun the judges. It makes me not want to compete because I don’t have the money, time, or space to develop the skills to create that level of costume.

But then I just listen to Chloe talk about how it’s just fun to be in a group and be with friends and make these fun costumes. It reminds me of why I do this hobby. It’s not to win awards, even though that would be nice. It’s to go to a convention or event and show off my love of a character or series.

I think I’ve said all of that before, but it’s still important to say. Also, it helps me to keep my costumes at the front of my mind. Which reminds me, I need to make some time to work on getting One ready for D*C. This is my first time doing something with a group, and I’ve received some great feedback on my ideas. I want it to look as awesome in real life as it is in my head. All the props are ready to go. I just need to get the outfit done!

Why am I so good at procrastinating?!


Right now there’s been no progress on Harry because I’ve had a total lack of motivation to do anything but what I have to for school. And I did a little cleaning. Everything is sitting in a laundry basket waiting to be assembled.

Unfortunately my sewing table has gotten even more buried since I took that picture. But I’m hoping to get some of it cleared off this weekend, among other things (like maybe actually get to Harry’s wig).

But anyway, I am getting off topic. I have made a couple of additions off to the side. I have added a GoFundMe! button that is my new “tip jar”. Right now I’m trying to get a job or two so I have income to pay for things like rent. So if you have any spare change (literally, change is fine!), I would really appreciate it. Right now I’m trying to put school before work when it comes to scheduling, so it’s making getting a new job kinda hard.

Which brings me to my more fun other addition.
I have finally opened my Etsy store! Right now I only have two things listed: shield bracelets for Harry Dresden and bracelets for Kyo Sohma. If they sell well, I’m hoping to make and sell more. I’m also hoping to add some knitted items, but I’m trying to figure out what will sell right now. If there’s anything you’d like to see in the store, let me know! I’ll look into it.

I also have 2 wigs up on eBay right now. One would be great for Haruko from FLCL. I was actually planning on doing Haruko, but decided not to.

Okay. I’m done with the ads. I promise I won’t say anymore about them from here on out. Hopefully soon I’ll have some info about Harry’s progress!

Bending Harry

I blame Skin Game for this. Not that the book has given me the idea. Just reading a new Dresden Files book has me thinking of Harry and cosplaying him.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I had an idea. Genderbent Harry Dresden. Since I’ve retired Jane Lane, I have a short-haired, female black wig already. Everything else is easy: appropriate t-shirt, jeans, boots, coat, staff, and shield bracelet. Really, she’s in the same boat as Harry right now: just need the coat done and they’ll be ready to go.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m genderbending too much, but then I think of how sometimes I just don’t want to crossplay but I want to be that character. It gives me more options. Especially if my hubby’s going to the same event. My crossplaying really creeps him out sometimes. And I love him too much to do that to him. Also, I love the ideas. ;)

Quick update

I will be posting fully later, but I wanted to post a couple of updates.

I’ve washed five wigs quite successfully. I’m hoping to get them trimmed and styled tomorrow.

Friday both my goggles and umbrella came for my First Doctor bathing beauty.

Who knows, if I have time, I might even get started on the First Doctor’s bathing suit tomorrow.


Wig weekend

Yesterday my Arda Wigs order arrived! That means I have 4 new wig caps (2 black, 2 blonde), a wig head stand, and a canvas wig head! I got really lucky because they sell one size of canvas wig head, and it’s my size! Make sure to measure your head before your order a canvas head. The idea is having a head the same size as yours. You don’t want one too big or small because your styled wig won’t fit right.

Canvas wig head from Arda Wigs

Arda Wigs’ canvas wig head

But boy is it worth it. I would style a wig on a foam head, put it on, and it wouldn’t look the way it should. Last night I did some simple styling on the canvas head and saw a huge difference immediately. I was able to brush the wig out better since I wasn’t worried about tearing chunks out of the foam. It fit perfectly, so I was able to style it knowing how it would look on me. Tonight I’m going to pick up a few supplies so I can keep it clean when I’m doing more intense work.

Speaking of supplies, I have quite the list built up. I was looking for info about canvas wig heads and found a wonderful YouTube channel: WigginOutBZ. He is a professional who has some wonderful tutorials about wigs ranging from washing them to making them. His washing tutorial has me eager to get some new shampoo and try it out. I’ve got three wigs that have been used for Ten, which means they have a ton of hairspray and gel in them. The first I have yet to get fully clean. I’d like to get it clean so I can use it for Dr. Abbey. The second I’d like to get clean so I can use it for Arthur. The newest, and current wig for Ten, I just want to wash and steam so I need a minimal amount of hairspray and gel.

With the knowledge I gained from that tutorial, I’m going to work on washing most of my wigs this weekend. There are a few that I want to have clean and perfect because I’m selling them. Two were for costumes that I’ve decided not to go for. The other I’ve decided isn’t the best shade and I’m going to be replacing it. But considering I’d like to work on most of them some way, mostly steaming, this weekend, I figure having them clean before I do that is a good idea.

Well, that’s a lot more than I’ve posted here for a while! I’m going to be taking pictures as I go this weekend, so hopefully on Tuesday or Wednesday there will be pictures. I promise!