Pirogoeth (Wizard)

When I created my very first Dungeons & Dragons character for a 3.5 edition campaign, I based her off of Pirogoeth from MegaTokyo. Very quickly she became her own character. She started out with a couple levels of Fighter before moving on to Wizard – she needed skills for fights that didn’t rely on magic.

My last drawing of Pirogoeth, after reaching epic level.

This is an updated version of that character. In the campaign, she had pigtails – because of the character she was based on. But I’ve come to realize, as has she, that pigtails aren’t very practical on adventures. So she got a haircut. I decided to go with my Titanium Blonde Rufio. I used by steamer to straighten and flatten the back a while ago.

The shirt is quite simple and will hopefully be used for multiple outfits. I used Butterick B4486 (B) and unbleached muslin. I decided not to add the eyelets and lacing or the buttons on the cuffs as directed. It just doesn’t feel right for the character.

A quick test run to make sure it all fits. Also, it shows off the pieces I bought quite nicely.

Aware of my limitations, I bought a few pieces. The corset – Mistress Anne Fashion Corset – was on clearance at HistoricalEmporium.com and is no longer available. I found the pants at a thrift store in Columbus (Rag-O-Rama). The belt was ordered from Amazon. I also found the boots on Amazon.

For this version of her, I made a cloak. I posted an entry about creating it. Check it out for details.

Two Bags of Holding

Like all good wizards, she needs to have spell components on her all the time. Some of them are kept in the Bags of Holding she keeps on her belt. I made the bags using leftover faux suede from a previous project and buttons I had lying around following Butterick B5371 (F). I decided against lining them because the suede is strong enough on its own. Also, I left the belt loops wide because I like the look better.

But she also keeps some more readily available. Right now she only has one container on her belt, but I’m hoping to get another one (or two) at DragonCon. She is also very capable of casting spells. I bought what I’m calling the spell globe at Meijer a few years ago. It’s supposed to be a pool toy, but it works really well for spells. I can set it to glow a number of colors, or rotate through them. It’s going to be fun for pictures.

Now to go adventuring in the hotels of DragonCon!

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