“Star Trek” Fangirl

More than three years after having the idea… More than three years after starting to construct it… More than two years after failing and having to reconsider a big part of it…

The Star Trek Fangirl is done!

Here’s the rundown. I’ll go through chronologically in-universe.

For Enterprise, I decided to make a pouch to hang off of the belt. I used teal single fold bias tape and dark royal blue broadcloth to make the outside. I used a layer of batting in the flap to give it some cushion like the uniforms. The inside is unbleached canvas for sturdiness. Finally, I made some straps from ribbon and use snaps to attach them to the bag!

The Original Series bustle took some work to figure out. It is supposed to be attached to the skirt, according to the pattern. But, after the disaster of the original skirt, I decided not to use it. Thanks to Golden Lasso and The Brain Squirrel Monologues, I figured out how to make a bustle that would attach to a belt. The Brain Squirrel Monologues suggested using ribbons to take the place of the skirt. Both sewed the layers in place, but I want to be able to unhook them so it lays flat when traveling. I used hooks and eyes on the ribbons to create the bustling. The bustle itself is made using Simplicity 1819 and turquoise Shantung Sateen from Fabric.com. The belt is made from leftover black twill, sew-in interfacing, and Velcro. The ribbon I got really lucky on matching the color, and is 7/8″ ribbon from Jo-Ann’s. I also hand embroidered the sciences badge on the bottom right corner. I felt it needed a little something to make it clear that this is the TOS part.

To bring in the movies uniform, aka the Monster Maroon, I decided to go light. I used Simplicity 1819 and linen in brick to make a bolero. I lined the fronts with black piping and bought an insignia from a now closed website.

For The Next Generation, I brought in my underbust corset and bought a teal mock turtleneck from Amazon. I found some gold buttons at Jo-Ann’s to serve as rank pips. I’m sticking with Lieutenant for now. I’ll get my promotion to Commander once I graduate with my PhD. If I could find another set and paint one, I’d promote to Lt. Commander. But I’ve only got four.

Deep Space Nine ended up as arm-warmers. I made entries on Ravelry for both the mock-up, where I figured out the pattern, and the final product. They’ve got the details of the pieces. Really, the most challenging part was having the grew seem like it is going over the teal.

For a long time, Voyager was going to be the belt pouch that holds my canteen. But it just didn’t look right. So I taped off a costume top hat, spray painted the top silver, glued on teal quilt binding, and voila! A Voyager hat!

Of course I can’t forget the Fangirl’s hair. I settled on a Rocky in Pumpkin from Arda Wigs. It’s a fun, short cut and a cute color.

To finish off the outfit, I’ve got black jeggings and black mid-calf boots. Considering all of the uniforms have mostly, if not all, black bottom halves, it’s fitting. And I ran out of uniforms to incorporate.

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