Pirogoeth’s Cloak

While I have started working on the Robe of the Archmagi for Pirogoeth, I realized that I’m not going to have it in a place where I’m going to enjoy wearing it around DragonCon in time. When I was falling asleep a few nights ago, it came to me: make a cloak. Before she got the Robe, she wore a cloak during adventuring. I just finished it up tonight!

In character, the two tones help with blending in to the terrain I’m usually in while adventuring. In reality, I didn’t have enough of either color to make the entire cloak, so it’s two-toned. The brown is a micro brushed twill, which is heavier than the forest green sateen on the bottom. It makes for a nice structure up top and a nice flowing on the bottom.

I used a silver clasp I had from a project that I had originally bought the brown fabric for but never used. Kind of funny that they ended up being used together.

I ended up having to take the shoulders in so it sets right on me. I think it’s due more to the fabric than the pattern – the twill is very structured and the shoulders stuck out strangely. I simply figured out where my shoulder seam would be on a garment with sleeves and drew a line straight down to where the shoulder yoke and the rest of the cloak meet. It looks so much better than before!

Now to get working on the shirt and finish the Bags of Holding so Pirogoeth can go to DragonCon!

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