Adding to the pile

I was updating my spreadsheet regarding the progress I’ve been making on the Fangirls, when I decided to take another look at a costume I’ve had planned, and have most of what I need for, but just haven’t started yet. I realized how much I do have, and got to work.

Pirogoeth is my first ever Dungeons & Dragons character. She has a few levels of Fighter, but quickly switched over to Wizard once she could take care of herself in a fight without magic, if necessary. By the end of the campaign, we had all reached level 20 and made out with some awesome loot. I got really lucky. Well, Pirogoeth got really lucky. She ended up with Robes of the Magi – white – and a Staff of the Archmagi, two very powerful artifacts for a Wizard.

Fairly early in my costume designing days, I had the idea to bring Pirogoeth, epic level Wizard, to life. While the vast majority of people who will end up seeing me in costume will not know the character, my goal is to make a costume so well that it won’t matter. I based her on the character of the same name in the in-game story in the webcomic MegaTokyo. So she’s blonde with pigtails and is quite dry. For hair, I am going with a Chibi in yellow blonde from Arda Wigs. All I need to do is a little styling to the bangs and it’s ready to go.

As for the rest… I’ll post as I get things made. This is going to be fun! I just might be able to get her ready for DragonCon this year, if I keep up the pace.

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