Construction work!

Yesterday I was inspired and got a lot of little things done. I went to Jo-Ann’s and picked up some materials to get the Star Trek Fangirl’s bustle done and some E6000. When I got home, I moved one empty box to the trash and now have access to the patio. That really put a fire under my butt.

Plastic decoration chain, partially spray painted solid silver. 7/8″ dowel rod spray painted black lacquer. Parts of welding goggles, spray painted gold.

I finally figured out how much of the chain I would need for Dawn and sprayed it solid silver. It’s a plastic chain from the party section in Hobby Lobby. How I’m going to keep it wrapped around my forearm, I don’t know yet. But now I can figure that out.

I also got some more work done on the 20th Century Fangirl. I sprayed the necessary parts of the goggles for the First Doctor. I also used black lacquer spray paint on the dowel rod for the Seventh Doctor Cane. The glue came in handy when I glued the cane tip on the end of the dowel and glued the two halves of the ball of the question mark handle on. Now I just need a drill to make a hole for the handle and I can glue that in. Right now, I’m happy to have the goggles finished!

The First Doctor’s Goggles. (Welding goggles spray pained gold with clear lenses.)

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