So many Sonics!

Since I started the 50th Anniversary Outfit back in 2013, I have allowed myself to buy Sonic Screwdrivers for the outfit. At that point, I only had my Nine/Ten Sonic because I am a Ten cosplayer. I managed to get three more Sonics before DragonCon: Three, Four, and Eleven. At the time, Eleven was the latest, and Three and Four were the most iconic of the 20th Century Sonics.

My original sonic collection: Four, Nine/Ten, and Eleven

I slowly started to pick away at filling in the gaps in the 20th century and trying to stay caught up with the 21st. Which wasn’t easy since every Doctor got their own Sonic.

When I started working on the separate fangirl outfits, I knew I needed everyone’s Sonic. At that point, I had a Second Doctor “Sonic” (it’s a penlight, but it’s not quite the same as what he used), Three, Four, Eight, Nine/Ten, River, and Eleven’s Sonics. That left me needing Five, Twelve, and Thirteen.

As I mentioned earlier, I was able to order those remaining three Sonics this Christmas. Today, the last of the Sonic Screwdrivers arrived! I finally have them all!!! At least until we have the Fourteenth Doctor, but hopefully we have a few more years before that happens.

The 20th Century Sonic Screwdrivers
(from top to bottom): Two, Three, Four, Five, Eight!
The 21st Century Sonic Screwdrivers (from top to bottom): War, Nine/Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen. River’s is on the right.

The next step is creating the Sonic Screwdriver rolls to store each century’s Sonics for each outfit. That is definitely for another day, but I wanted to share my complete collection with you all!

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