Witty Little Knitter

I have been knitting up a storm! For my Doctor Who fangirls, each one has fingerless gloves and scarves inspired by different Doctors. Last night I finally finished the last of them! Now I can show them off!

First up, the 20th Century Fangirl:

A light blue and dark blue striped scarf with angled stripes on a black surface.
Second Doctor Scarf

I decided to make a skinny scarf inspired by the Second Doctor’s recorder. I found this amazing pattern that is angled, and then I simply alternated colors after every 3 repeats of the pattern. It took a while because it’s lace weight yarn, but it was totally worth it!

Off-white fingerless gloves with black, rust, and brown stripes on a light blue surface.
Fifth Doctor Gloves

For Five, I decided to make some simple fingerless gloves with the striping of his first jumper. Since the jumper has ribbing both at the bottom and at the collar, I went with that instead of separate fingers.

Now for the 21st Century:

A scarf with tan, green, blue, red, and gold stripes that run its length on a light blue ironing board with other stuff in the background.
Thirteenth Doctor Scarf

I decided to be ambitious here. I wanted to bring in the stripes from Thirteen’s shirts, but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I decided to knit a scarf with lace weight yarn lengthwise instead of width-wise. It took forever to get one row done, but that’s the only way to have the stripes in the right way. Totally worth it!

Red-Purple tweed fingerless gloves on a black surface.
Eleventh Doctor Gloves

For Eleven, I knew I needed tweed. But how to incorporate tweed without actually using the fabric? Thankfully KnitPicks makes tweed yarn, so I made fingerless gloves reminiscent of his later coat.

Now I just need to do a bit of painting and a bunch of sewing.

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