Closing in on completion!

This Christmas has been quite good for my Doctor Who fangirls. We went up to my father-in-law’s this past weekend and included in my presents was an Amazon gift card and cash. I used both on the DW fangirls. I decided to finally order the sonic screwdrivers I still needed. Five’s and Twelve’s arrived today, Thirteen’s arrives after Christmas. I am so excited! I will actually have all of the sonics!

The cash made more of an impact. The 21st Century fangirl only needed Twelve and Thirteen’s sonics. The 20th Century fangirl needed more. I picked up a couple of spray paints and some fabrics to complete the supplies I still needed. Now I have all the materials I need for both costumes – at least until another Doctor comes along. I just need the time and good weather to get working on the pieces. Now that I have everything, I’ll probably post my plans soon since I think I’ve finally nailed down the outfits. It’s take a lot of ideas and drafts, but I am really liking this outfit. It’s going to be comfortable and clearly something, but not necessarily obviously Doctor Who. It’s going to be fun to wear!

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