DragonCon 2018: Pre-Con prep time!

It’s that time of year again!! But this year’s DragonCon is going to be a bit different than usual for me.

For the past few years, I’ve been a part of the Comics and Popular Arts Conference (CPAC, hopefully they’ll have the program up soon!) that is held as a part of the con. This year, my panel is smack dab in the middle of Saturday. That eliminates any hopes of the parade and the Doctor Who photoshoot. So, I was going to just not do anything for Saturday and stay comfy and “professional” as needed.

But then, friends of ours said they couldn’t come again this year because life seems to not want them to come to DragonCon. Thinking about doing all the costumes without them there nudged me over into just not wearing any costumes this year. I think I can use the break this year. I’m just taking t-shirts and clothes that will allow me to just be relaxed and geeky the entire weekend.

I’ve got a forest camo jacket that a friend gave me when he was clearing out his old uniforms. I’ve put a bunch of patches on it to make it my own. I’m hoping to wear it for most of, if not all of, the weekend.

To keep the sun from roasting me, and to just finally use it, I’m making use of the versatility of my Bag of Holding (Con-Survival Edition) and bringing my Kaylee parasol. My hubby got it for me a few years ago, but I haven’t had the money to get my new Kaylee finished.

I’m really excited about just being a geek at the con instead of worrying about costumes. As excited as I’ve been about costumes. In a way, it is a costume, just not from any media text. It’s a costume of me as my geeky self. Also, I’m hoping it will help me to take more time to see what others are wearing and take tons of pictures. I feel like I’m always rushing from one place to another, and taking costuming out will hopefully help with that.

So, if you see a gal with a camo jacket that has patches on the front and a giant Starfleet patch on the back with a Kaylee parasol, say hi! Chances are it’s me!

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