Marcon 53: Post-Con

As always, that was fun! Sadly, I didn’t wear all the costumes I took with me. Friday was a success with Wafuku Ten. Having the new brush set from Morphe – which it seems I need to make a post about – and their brush cleaner really helped me with my make-up. I also planned to take my time. I’ve also been trying to not obviously stare at men’s faces to try and see what the differences are so I could work on painting that way.

After my last Harry Dresden, I figured out that my blending brush was full of eyeshadow and it wasn’t blending as much as spreading the dark around and obliterating my contouring. Cleaning out the brush helped so much. And I’ll go on about that in my post about the brushes.

Anyway. I packed my Bitch Planet overalls for Saturday morning since I wanted to be Harry later in the day and needed something else I could wear. No one recognized me. Something I need to work on for next year. But I did tell people about the amazingness that is that comic series.


I took that just before starting to do one of the best crossplay make-ups I’ve done yet! I am so proud of myself for this make-up:


I made sure to use the second lightest shade around my eyes, along the sides of my nose, on my cheeks, and along my jawline. I only went darker on my cheeks to try to hollow them out a little more. Considering at the “Covergirl Doesn’t Cover Boy” panel, Alexa Heart not only saw that I had crossplay contouring, but complimented it a couple of times! I also got recognized a few times, which always makes me feel better. I got a ton of great make-up tips from that panel! I’m looking forward to implementing them for DragonCon.

I was going to be Didi wearing my #YAYHAMLET t-shirt on Sunday, but I must have over-rubbed my right eye Saturday night because the foundation was stinging. Not badly, but enough that I just took it all off and didn’t cosplay. I was sad since I haven’t done Didi in years, but I couldn’t stop rubbing my right eye. A huge problem for Didi since that’s where the make-up extends under her eye. I’m going to take her to DragonCon and hope I don’t have problems. She’s so much fun!

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