Marcon 53: Here We Go!

I’m lounging on one of my beds in my room, with the other taken up by the costumes, relaxing and getting organized for the weekend. For Marcon 53! I hadn’t remembered I included tonight in my reservation. At first I thought I’d want an extra day off, but the I remembered the main reason: I don’t just live down the road anymore. I’ve got about an hour drive in a car without AC. I can’t drive in costume, let alone crossplay. This way I have plenty of time to work on my make-up and get it right before the first panel tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to having time to work on my make-up. That’s the one nice thin about the first panel not being until 4pm, plenty of time to get ready.

I’ve brought four costumes with me for the weekend: The Doctor (Wafuku), Bitch Planet inmate, Harry Dresden, and Didi.

Right now, The Doctor’s hakama are laying on the bed with the hope that they’d de-wrinkle, but I’m going to have to try to iron them. That’s the downside of linen, it wrinkles so easily. And thanks to the move, I don’t know where I put my hair straightener so I could have ironed them easier. I think I’m going to try utilizing the pants hanger in the closet to keep the pleats in place at the bottom. Hopefully that will help them iron easier.

Luckily no one else needs to be ironed. Harry and Didi are t-shirts and jeans. Clean, ironed overalls on Bitch Planet would look quite suspicious. I hadn’t originally planned to bring my overalls, but I realized I can’t wear Harry all day because of the binder. This way I can split up my Saturday between Bitch Planet and Chicago.

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of me in costume this weekend that I can post. Now, I should get ironing.

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