Crossplay Contouring

I love to cosplay male characters, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Yesterday, I did a full crossplay for the first time in a while. I’ve been kind of slacking on my crossplaying. I haven’t really using make-up in general. I haven’t been into seriously binding (using a binder instead of a sport bra). And I’ve been looking at those photos and am disappointed in myself. Granted, I’ve been busy with school, but I am inspiring myself to kick things back into gear.

As I mentioned yesterday, I taught in full Harry Dresden. But I wasn’t too happy with my make-up. I was going off of memory and rushed myself. I have been using MKToxic’s Manly Makeup tutorial as a guide for years. Every other contouring tutorial I had found since was similar, so I didn’t use any others. I varied my application based on who I was trying to look like. Granted, live action series are easier since I have a real person to look at.

But, as my photos from yesterday show, I had forgotten to contour a lot. Something I didn’t realize until I went looking on YouTube for contouring tutorials. There are a lot of great tutorials out there. But as I watched the one below, I remembered all the places I should have contoured and didn’t.

This is my current favorite video tutorial. They also have a more round, feminine face, like mine, so it helps me a lot. I’m probably going to try out more of a combination of the two tutorials tomorrow for my second day of teaching in costume. I like the range the shadows give me, but I’ll still be limited by my current set of brushes. Soon I’ll have an upgrade for those as well.

Maybe I’ll do my own videos once I’m confident in my make-ups. For now, I’ll just show off the finished product.

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