Teaching in costume day one: Harry Dresden

I teach an Introduction to Popular Culture class. There are certain topics we have to cover, but mostly when and how is up to us. This week is my Fandom week. I encourage my students to come dressed to support something they are a fan of. Since I’m always wearing one t-shirt or another when I teach, I take it up a notch and dress in costume.

Today was Harry Dresden:


No one else was around, so I had to take a selfie. But, you can see the staff in the background, I also had my blasting rod and wore my shield bracelet. None of them knew who I was, but I expected that. I was wearing it more to just wear it, and to show one way of cosplaying. Also, I wanted to finally wear the new wig I got for him.


It’s a Rufio in Natural Black (a name they no longer use, but I think its equivalent might be Deep Brown). I went at it last night with my steamer and I am so happy with how it turned out! It is perfect. The right amount of laying down with messed-up. And I don’t have to worry as much about my hairline showing since it’s close to that color anyway. I want to pull out all my other Rufios and work on them again. (Yes, I have a bunch of Rufios, but they really are a versatile wig for what I need.)

I was worried about how the make-up looked, but I always do that. I’m usually looking really closely at it, instead of farther away, like how most people are seeing it. It doesn’t look too bad for having been done in less than an hour before class. I just hope I can do a better job on Wednesday. 😀

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