New supplies!!

Remember how I said I was stepping up my game? Well, it’s happening!


My Arda Wigs order arrived on Monday!! I literally took the wig out of the bag and put it on the head. It doesn’t look bad right out of the bag, but I’m going to brush it and give it some love before actually wearing it. But it is so cute and just what I was hoping it would be! The shadows are perfect. They’re all matte, no shimmer or shine or sparkle, which is really important for contouring, especially for crossplay. They are replacing this:


I’ve been trying to use the Nyx palette of small shadows, which are not all matte so I have had to be careful when trying to pick up what colors I need. Also, as you can see, I’m running out of my medium shade. I was using the black on the right for stubble and eyebrows. I’m probably going to keep using it, but as a shadow instead of for crossplay. The palette I’m probably going to just toss, because now I have this:


When I found the individual colors, I knew I needed somewhere to put them and keep them safe. Arda also sells Morphe‘s smaller magnetic empty palettes, but I like this one from Morphe’s site. It snaps shut, and has specific spots for shadows. I’m planning on getting the rest of the matte colors that Arda is selling since I’m not really a shimmer or sparkle type of person, and neither are the cosplays I do. So hopefully I’ll have a beautiful range of colors to use over the primer there on the left soon.

Next up in improvements: brushes! I’ve been doing some research into types of brushes and what they’re used for and I realize I don’t have the greatest set cobbled together. Also, Morphe has some awesome sets reasonably priced for beginners. I don’t know if I’ll get them before Marcon, but I’m hoping to have them before DragonCon. I really want to step up my contouring skills and better brushes would help. Also, I’m hoping to get some of the top-notch Kryolan fixing spray so once I put it on, the make-up won’t move!

But for now, I’ll keep working on rebuilding my comfort with wearing wigs all day long, and keeping those little hairs from sticking out!

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