Today, once I left the office, my Spring Break officially started. I’ve been avoiding doing any school-related work. The closest I have gotten to school work is looking through the readings I need to do before class resumes after break. It’s been so nice.

One of the things I’ve been doing instead is working on going through some of the boxes that have taken over the apartment due to the move. I finally got down to the box where I packed a lot of my cosplay stuff. Including the cover for the Hitchhiker’s Guide and most of my wigs. For the first time in a while I felt the desire to pull up my spreadsheet of costumes and figure out what I want to wear for what convention. I guess finally having the Guide in one piece inspired me.

I feel a little refreshed regarding my costumes now. I doubt I’m going to be doing much work on anything new any time soon. But just looking at my costumes and when some were last worn inspired me to consider getting them out again. I haven’t worn Jane Lane since the Halloween after I got the new wig done. I haven’t worn Arthur Dent since I misplaced the Kindle. I’m really looking forward to wearing costumes at Marcon and DragonCon this year. It’s nice to be looking forward to that fun again.

Right now my plan is: Arthur Dent, The Doctor (Wafuku), and Harry Dresden for Marcon; Dawn (Return of the Goddess back cover), Jane Lane, and The Doctor (Wafuku) for DragonCon. Of course things will probably change for some reason or another. I’ll probably figure out another costume to take to DragonCon. I may even through together my personal Sleepy Devil. It would be fun and relaxing. And Jennie – the artist – would find it hilarious. And then there’s my professional geek attire for the conference. But the fact that I have a plan makes me feel so much better.

Now I need to go look over my make-up and see if anything has expired and needs to be replaced. With what money, I have no idea. But I’m sure I’ll figure something out. I always do!

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