Good news, everybody!

On Thursday I got news I have been anxiously awaiting. I will finally be graduating in December with my Master’s degree in Popular Culture!! That means I’ll be staying in the American Culture Studies Ph. D. program! Sadly for here that means I’m not going to have as much time for working on costumes as I have had. I’ve been able to fit a couple in these past two years, but that’s going to go down for at least the next two years while I get my coursework done. I’m still going to go to cons – I need to take a break sometime! But I may not be coming up with new stuff as much. So lack of extra time and money – the definition of a Ph. D. student – is going to mean less posting here. Hopefully I’ll be able to get together posts about making my costumes from DragonCon soon. There are a ton of pictures and I took a ton of notes, so hopefully it’ll be easy to put together. Until then, I foresee “pressing pause on the apocalypse” a lot.

The Devil’s Panties (TM) by Jennie and Obby Breeden (C) 2016 (

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