DragonCon Revelations

While I was at the Frenchy and the Punk concert at the Hyatt Concourse on Sunday, I was allowing myself to just relax and enjoy the moment. During that time, my brain decided to reexamine my plans for my Doctor Fangirl outfits. At first, I realized that a more Romani-Steampunk approach would work better because of all the colors. But as the rest of the weekend wore on, I came to a conclusion. I’m trying to make a costume that I’m no longer sure I want to make.

Something in me is saying that just making pieces here and there that show my love of Doctor Who and each of the Doctor’s incarnations is a better way to go. Like the fingerless gloves I crocheted for the 20th Century Fangirl:

I’ve got an idea for my Seventh Doctor umbrella handle for another accessory. I think it’s going to result in pieces that better represent each incarnation without forcing them into specific clothing pieces in a costume. That way I can wear them in whatever combination I want to, showing my love for the show without the internal stress of “Will anyone get my costume?”

Now to figure out what to do with some fabric that is now without a specific piece….

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