Star Trek Struggles

I have had most of the materials to get my Star Trek Fangirl costume made. But I’ve been struggling with how to incorporate Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Well, not anymore.

While thinking about the 20th Century Doctor Who Fangirl costume, I had an epiphany about DS9. I’ve been thinking of the ST skirt as one huge piece. But there are two pieces there. This is the only time I’ve been thinking of it as one, which is strange now that I think about it.

I’m using Simplicty 1819, which has a bustle and skirt. The way they say to sew it is as one large piece. But I’ve been planning on sewing them separately for the 21st Century DW fangirl, why not here too? Before, the entire thing – skirt and bustle – were going to be in a turquoise Shantung Sateen. It’s been nagging at the back of my mind for a while, but I just finally realized it. Having the entire thing be one color would just be overwhelming.










Instead, just the bustle is going to be the Shantung, representing the original series, and the skirt will be DS9. The main body of the skirt is going to be black twill, with grey and blue-green accents on the sides to mimic the later uniform they used. I think it breaks up the look so much better, and really incorporates DS9 into the outfit. I’ve had it as more of an accessory instead of in the outfit before.

Now I just need to buy $50 of twill and I can finally get this done. It’s only a couple of years late. I am really glad I had this idea before getting any work done. It’s going to look so much better than before. And now I have extra Shantung. I should come up with something to do with it…


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