Casual/Closet debate

Recently I decided to see how most people defined “casual cosplay”. It is confusing and debated and a mess. The reason was I wanted to add a new category on here and wanted to use a non-debated term.

That is why I’m adding the “Comfy Corner”. I realized that I have done a few cosplays where I was not really aiming for true costume, in my personal definition for myself, but something costume-ish and comfy. Last year I wore my Star Trek: The Next Generation science hoodie, black leggings, and black boots to Marcon. Was it a TNG uniform? Not really. But it was comfy and it was costume-ish.

I did something similar this year:


As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t find all of any of my Doctor Who costumes. So I did a Ten-ish cosplay: blue suit cosplay t-shirt, my winter coat – aka AbbyShot’s Tenth Doctor coat -, jeans, maroon Chucks, sonic, and wig.

These costumes are just as legitimate as any other cosplay. I figured why not include them here? At some point I’ll post my two TNG comfy cosplays. And, I just might have one for DragonCon, if I can get the right bottom in time. 😀

Welcome to Comfy Corner!


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