Organization? What’s that?

I am so messy. I’ve got costume parts all over the apartment. I’ve got accessories and shoes all over. I’ve got crafting tools and supplies all over.

But that is going to change.

Now that I’m home, period, I’ve got the time and the vision to get things in shape. First priority: the costumes.

When I was getting ready for Marcon last weekend (which will be May 11-13 next year!), I realized I didn’t have black pants that fit and would work for “Barcelona” Ten. So I decided to go with “The Christmas Invasion” Ten instead. But, because of the moving and the existing mess, I couldn’t find the scarf. At Marcon, I probably would have been recognized as Ten, not Arthur Dent, but I felt like it is incomplete without the scarf. That really drew my attention to how fragmented my costumes are.

So, as I clean up, I’m going to be going through and getting all of my completed costume pieces in one place. Then I can go through and figure out if

  • there are pieces to costumes that are no longer happening and no longer need, thus can go away
  • there are retired costumes in with active costumes and store them properly
  • there are any missing pieces

Then I can get them put away as whole costumes. Possibly even down to the wigs. I’ve ordered new hairnets to store them in, since I usually end up throwing the old ones out. I’m also going to get some Ziploc bags to store each wig in. If a wig corresponds only to one costume, it’s going in with that costume. Of course there will be exceptions to that. I’ve got a few that would get tangled in bags and I can’t braid without messing up the style. So they’ll stay out on heads. But at least this will help me be able to locate as much of an entire costume as I possibly can in one place.

I’ll be taking pictures of the process as I go so you can see how I get it done. I’m just hoping I can get it done soon!

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