Marcon 52 Success!

I got home earlier from Marcon 52. I’m tired. I’m ready for a nap. I am so happy! It was so much fun seeing friends, going to panels, geeking out, and wearing costumes!

I deviated slightly from my original plans. I realized I don’t have appropriate black pants that fit for “Barcelona” Ten. So I decided to go with “The Christmas Invasion” Ten instead. Until I couldn’t find the scarf or the satsumas. Finally I went with a Ten(ish) look for Friday. I say Ten(ish) because it was a similar approach to the costume that the Doctors took in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. I wore my Tenth Doctor costume t-shirt – blue suit variation – Ten wig, jeans, maroon Chucks, my AbbyShot coat, and my nice Sonic. It was comfy and a lot of fun!

Saturday went well. Dr. Shannon Abbey roamed the halls complete with safety glasses, nitrile gloves, and a shotgun. Of course the shotgun is a toy, which means it’s smaller scale, but I didn’t mind. I’m glad I got to add to her. But I still don’t feel completely confident. I need to get the new shirts made. And I think some tailoring of the coat will help with that.

Today was Silent Bob. Mooby’s hat from the Secret Stash’s website. Coat from AbbyShot. White undershirt with a black t-shirt over it. Simple. Easy. Comfy. And despite the fact that the coat is wool, I may take it to DragonCon because I can fit my CamelBak underneath it without worry.

But each costume this weekend was something I assembled from existing pieces. It made me miss wearing something I had created myself. There is nothing wrong with assembling from existing pieces. But there’s something about wearing a costume that you sewed and created yourself. I’m hoping to get two or three done this summer for DragonCon. I’ll hopefully be wearing at least one existing, depending on others desire to be involved. But, if I can just get things cleaned up and put away, I should be able to get two, hopefully three, new costumes done for DC. That would be so nice!


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