Almost done!

I am really looking forward to this week being over. Not because of class. Not because of grading. Not because of moving back home.

Because I can spend the week getting ready for Marcon!

Maybe it’s because last year I gave my students their final on Thursday and Marcon started on Friday. Maybe it’s because I’m almost done with my masters.

But it’s probably because I’m excited about my costumes! I’ve got a few final touches to put on Dr. Abbey before taking her to Marcon and wearing her all day Saturday. I haven’t worn “Barcelona” Ten for a few years now and I’m really looking forward to having the time to properly do my make-up on Friday for him. And Sunday? Sunday I get to be genderbend Silent Bob with no panels to be on. I can be as quiet and calm as I want and be completely in character!!!

It’s so nice to be excited about costumes again. I’m hoping to get a couple finished over the summer to wear at DragonCon. If I can do them right, I’ll be really excited all over again!


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