Marcon 52 plans!!

I just realized I never posted about Marcon last year. So to make up for it, here are my plans for this year!

Friday: Tenth Doctor (Barcelona). I’m moderating the Doctor Who panel that day, so of course I have to be the Doctor. I feel like it’s “Barcelona”s turn to come out and play, again. Also, it has improved since I last wore him to Marcon. He’ll be a great way to start off the con.

Saturday: Dr. Abbey. This will be the third year in a row that I’m bringing her to Marcon, and honestly, that’s cool. She’s the only costume I’ve worn to so many of the same con in a row. If I get known as Dr. Abbey at Marcon, I wouldn’t mind at all! Especially with Marcon’s roots as a literary convention. But…I’ve made a few upgrades. Also, I’m on a panel about Dystopian fiction that day. She is going to have so much fun!

Sunday: Silent Bob (Genderbend). I’m not on any panels that day, so it works out really, really well! I finally get to debut this costume that I’ve had for most of the semester. I feel like I’ve worn the coat and that hat enough that they don’t look like they’ve just arrived. This is going to be fun!

I am really looking forward to next weekend!


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