The coat is here!!!

I have to give AbbyShot serious respect. I ordered the coat and it arrived the next day! But I was out of town, so I only got to it today.

O.M.G. This coat is amazing! I was worried it would be too big, because it says that it runs large on purpose. But they didn’t have medium and I was kind between medium and large, so I took a chance and ordered the large. It fits perfectly! It’s a little big at the shoulders, like it should be, but it’s not overly big. I’m actually thinking of wearing it out this winter in rotation with my Ten coat, just to get comfy in it and break it in a little. Not that I couldn’t wear it and be fine now. But if it gets a little natural wear, it’ll look that much better.

Now to wait for the hat to arrive. I’m going to try taking some time out this weekend to get the hat finished, just to finally get her done and ready to go! This is going to be so much fun!!

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