Shopping Plans

I know I’ve been doing a lot of talk lately but not much do. That is going to be changing. Within the week I’m going to be purchasing both a Mooby Hat, from the Secret Stash, and a Silent Bob coat, from AbbyShot!! After sewing some black wefts into the hat, I will finally, after many years of planning, have Silent Bob in my closet! It’s been a costume that I keep considering going through with but deciding for one reason or another not to do. With my cosplay fire reignited, I’m finally getting this costume together. I am so excited!! Trust me, there will be pictures.

Once the tax return arrives, I’m planning to get a few more supplies to finish off three more costumes. First, Kaylee Frye. I have been wanting to get her back in my closet for a couple of years now. I had this grand plan to buy a specific fabric, dye it the right shade of green, sew up the suit, and then add on the patched. I have come to realize that is more work than I am actually willing to do. That’s when I decided to go back to trying to find a jumpsuit that would work that I could add the patches to. Thankfully, I had found the patches on eBay a while ago, so I’ll  have wonderful, accurate patches to add to finish things off. While searching for a jumpsuit, I finally decided to get a Kaylee jumpsuit I came across. It’s the most accurate suit I could find, in terms of both structure and color. It’s got me really excited.

The other two costumes are simply getting fabric. “The Christmas Invasion” Doctor is getting new pyjamas! I’ll be buying the fabric from Spoonflower to make some awesomely accurate pjs. Also, I’m going to make them smaller, so they fit better. I’ll also be getting the last fabric I need for the Doctor’s Kimono outfit. These are going to take a little longer to get done since there’s construction involved, but I’m hoping to have the time over the summer to at least get the pjs done. I’m really looking forward to making this costume even better!


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