DW Fabric Shopping!

I noticed I had some really great coupons for Jo-Ann’s and decided to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, as usual, I arrived to find most of what I wanted already on sale. But I got really lucky anyway.

I was looking for fabrics I needed to be able to finish up both my Doctor Who Fangirl and the Tenth Doctor’s kimono. I needed navy fabric for the skirt and red fabric for the accents. Originally I was going to go with some twill and lining, so it would look more like the jacket. Then I remembered that the bustle is made from high-quality cotton fabrics. The two types would clash, in my mind. So I decided to go with Kona cotton for the navy, which is darker in reality than pictured, and some simpler cotton for the accents. Since it’s not providing the structure, it doesn’t need to be as high-quality.


Where I really got lucky was the linen. I had been planning to use some upholstery fabric that is almost a dead ringer for the fabric used to make his actual coat for the hakama. But recently I changed my mind and decided to go with linen. The linen is going to be better for three reasons. First, I’ll be able to get crisp pleats from it. Second, it will breathe much better and I won’t die in the Atlanta heat. Third, it’s historically accurate. The last one’s more of a bonus.

My plan was to get natural linen, undyed, and dye it so it would be the right shade. I find the linens, and much to my surprise, I found linen already the shade of brown I need it. I even went back to the upholstery fabric and it matches eerily well. The fabric itself was cheaper than the natural, and I don’t have to buy dye or figure out how to get it the shade I want!

Now, when winter break rolls along and I get my room organized so I can work in it, I can get cutting and sewing and maybe get these two costumes finished by Marcon!


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