Post-Con Inspiration

Every time I go to a convention, I come back inspired to get working on some costume. Sometimes it’s a completely new costume. Sometimes it’s costumes I’m already working on. This year, for once, it’s the latter.

This DragonCon I was only in costume for about half a day. I decided not to do the parade this year, and thus did not do Osgood. I realized that I had done the parade for 6 years straight. I needed to take a year off. It needs to be something that I am doing because I want to, not because I feel it is a necessary part of DragonCon. Always an important thing when it comes to costumes and to conventions.

I wore my Science Officer uniform for half a day. An Artemis rig was at the convention and a friend had signed us up for a session. We all dressed in our original series uniforms and had a lot of fun. But as soon as we were done with that, I changed out of the uniform. I had to buy nylons on the way to Atlanta, and could not find any sheer-to-waist in black in my size. So there were support/slimming ‘shorts’ that showed below the hemline. It bugged me. I’m definitely buying new sheer-to-waist nylons before I wear it again, because I love wearing that uniform. I look so good in it and feel good too.

Today the inspiration truly hit. Probably because I had enough time to recover and have my brain thinking again. There are three costumes I would really like to get finished before DragonCon next year. Ideally I want them done before Marcon, but I do need to get my thesis finished first. The three are Doctor Who Fangirl, Star Trek Fangirl, and the Tenth Doctor in kimono.

My Doctor Who Fangirl is mostly done. I need a little fabric and a lot of fabrication time. The Star Trek Fangirl needs a ton of fabrication time. None of that outfit is finished.

The Doctor needs the most work. The hakama have been my biggest roadblock up until today. I know hakama are complicated to construct and I was planning to use fabric similar to what his coat is made from, a microsuede. But I had an idea today that I think it going to work and look so much better. I’m going to dye some linen to about the right shade and make the hakama from that. Not only will it help me stay cool and be more historically accurate, but I’ll be more comfortable making them and wearing them. It’s gotten me more excited about the costume than I have been since I thought of it.

But, sadly, right now I do not have the time or the money to work on any of them. I’m hoping that the tax return will fix the money problem and summer break will fix the time problem. Hopefully I’ll use Christmas break to work on the Star Trek Fangirl, since I have all the materials, and make some progress on the other two.

For now, I’ll just keep them in the back of my mind and focus on my studies. You know, that thing I’m paying a lot of money to have fun doing. 🙂


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