DragonCon 2016 Costumes

This year is not going to be costume-heavy. I did want to have my Star Trek Fangirl ready, but life got in the way. I’m hoping that next year I can go fangirl crazy!

Anyway, this year I will be taking two costumes with me: Science Officer and Osgood.

Science Officer is from Season 3 of the original Star Trek series. I bought it from ANOVOS who worked with CBS to create accurate replicas based on actual uniforms used to film the series. Sadly, ANOVOS is not currently offering these uniforms. It is a pleasure to wear! It is comfortable, flattering, and fits amazingly for a garment that is made with standard sizes. I made a “belt” from 2″ wide Velcro to attach my Diamond Select communicator to. I will hopefully be borrowing a Science tricorder from my hubby. I found some amazing boots from Amazon that come up to just below my knee, and are very comfortable!

Osgood is from Doctor Who. I’m going with a combination of looks that will still firmly say Osgood. With a dress shirt, pants, and lab coat I’ll be wearing my 4th Doctor scarf, 10th Doctor maroon chucks, and 11th Doctor bow tie. She is just for the parade and photoshoot afterwards. But it’ll be fun to be a character that is not Ten. It also gives me the freedom to float between the Doctors. And the coat gives me a place to hide my water pack so I don’t die from heat!

While I may be packing light on costumes, I’m taking all of my Star Trek shirts and my TNG hoodie to constantly show my love of this 50-year-old series that is still going strong!


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