I am sad to admit that I will not be able to finish my Star Trek Fangirl outfit for DragonCon this year. The class I am teaching, my thesis, and other professional commitments are requiring my attention more. I am going to have it done for next year. I am hoping to have it done for Marcon next year. I feel like I have spent too much on quality fabrics to rush putting this outfit together and not have it looking its best. Sometimes you need to think about the quality of the finished product and decide if it’s more important than having the finished product.

But, I am going to take my TOS Science Uniform with me. It might get two days out in the convention now. I am also taking my TNG hoodie and am looking into getting the 50th Anniversary badge to wear with it. I am also going to go with Osgood for the parade since it’s a simple outfit to put together, I am comfortable in it, and I can hide my water underneath it. Also, I can drift between the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and War Doctors and never be out of place!

I knew when I started graduate school that this might happen. I am fine with it. Cosplay is my hobby (and possible future research subject). Getting my master’s is going to take priority over all of my hobbies. Because once I get my career started, I’ll be able to make time to focus on my hobbies again. It’s all about priorities.


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