Fangirl Plans

I feel like I have been using this blog simply as a place to record my progress or lack thereof. But from here out, this is not just about the costumes, but me as a costumer. I realize there are aspects of that here already, but there’s something to declaring it and putting it out there officially.


With 32 days until DragonCon, and fewer days until we leave for DragonCon, I still need to get my Star Trek Fangirl outfit finished. I’ve been busy this summer with jobs on campus and going back and forth on the weekends. I’m really hoping to remedy that next weekend.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to work on it. It’s that I really don’t have a lot of space to work on it. In order to lay out the fabric so I can get it cut out I have to take over the living room. That tends to get on my husband’s nerves.

Thankfully I only need to lay out the fabric for the jacket and the skirt/bustle combination. I should be able to get everything cut out on Saturday, sewn together on Sunday, and get the purse, hat, and mock turtleneck finished up on Monday. If I don’t then I am going to be a stressed out wreck madly trying to get my costume finished up in time for the convention.

Have I mentioned how stressful it is to want to make costumes while you go to graduate school in a different city? Argh!


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