I know, I know!

I’ve been doing a lot of talking on here and not showing anything. I do have pictures of my work on the little hats I’ve made for my fangirls. I just need to free them from the camera. I’m sure each one will have its own post.

There will be other posts soon about the Star Trek fangirl, too. It recently hit me that we’re over halfway through June and I have the top hat finished. Nothing else is actually done. I have all the supplies I need to get it made, I just have to sit down and do it.  Hopefully I can dedicate a day or two while I’m home to getting work done. It’s really not that much work. I just have to:

  • sew the “rank pips” onto the mock turtleneck
  • cut out and sew together the skirt
  • cut out and sew together the shrug
  • figure out how to make the clutch

It’s really not that bad. The clutch is the only thing I am clueless about how to start. I should be able to get it done before August. At least everything but the clutch. I’m willing to wait on that. I’d rather have the outfit done and ready to go and be fussing with the clutch. It’s better to have something to wear and not have a clutch than have an incomplete outfit.

Be ready for the onslaught of photos!


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