Post-Marcon Inspiration

As usual, I come away from a convention with a new way of looking at my costumes. It really isn’t a bad thing, though. It inspires me to keep working on the ideas I have, gives me fresh ideas for how to approach problems, and opens my mind to new possibilities.

I was on a panel the last day about costumes. It was called “Cosplay Show and Tell”, but it was mostly tell. We ended up discussing details and how there is no one right way to create a costume. It just matters that it is right for you. Which is why I am still going to save up for a blue Tenth Doctor suit from Magnoli. The question remains: male or female? Hopefully I’ll have it figured out by the time I order it.

It also got me thinking about some other costumes that I’ve been working on or have already finished, as well as ones that I want but seemed out of reach. For example: a women’s science division uniform from the Star Trek: The Next Generation era. I mentioned it and how I probably won’t have one because ANOVOS cancelled their run due to lack of interest to a friend. They responded by asking why not make it myself? The conversation turned into why not just take the pattern for the men’s uniform and tailor it to fit me? Yes, that’s not what the women wore on the show. And? I’d be more comfortable. Wool gabardine is easier to find than jumbo spandex. Easier to dye too. It would also be easier to tailor to make it fit well than spandex. I am seriously considering it. When I have the time and resources to do so, of course.

But I was happy at the convention with my fix for not having a TNG-era uniform: science hoodie from ThinkGeek, QMx com badge, black leggings, boots. Comfy. Recognizable. It was fun. I am hoping to get my Star Trek fangirl outfit done well before DragonCon. I don’t want to be working on it just before classes start up again. But I’ve even added a couple of touches to it that I think are going to make it a lot more fun.

It’s so nice to be inspired to work on my costumes again. Now if I could just afford to go to a convention or two during the school year I’ll be good. One at the end and one at the beginning is not good for my creative juices!


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