The inspiration brick has hit!

I was about to complain about the drama and how I wasn’t feeling inspired to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Then I started to think about my Doctor Who Fangirl. The idea came to me to create something similar: an outfit that celebrates Star Trek. The problem is how?

After some thinking and looking at patterns, I finally figured it out!


I’m going to do the skirt from B (on the left) for TOS. The bolero from A (on the right) for the movies, aka the Monster Maroons. I’ll have a teal mock turtleneck to wear with my black underbust corset for TNG/DS9. Then add some black leggings and boots, my TNG messenger bag from ThinkGeek, some ‘rank pips’ (which I need to figure out), and an officer’s badge on the jacket and it’s ready to go!

I’ve gone from possibly not wearing anything to celebrate at Marcon or DragonCon to having this figured out and put in an order for the fabrics and badge. Crazy!


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