They’re here!

My Arda Wigs shipment arrived! Both wigs and both sets of wefts! Yay!! The Dark Blue wefts were on backorder when I placed my order. I thought I’d have to wait to start working on things, but I don’t! I just need the time to figure out each wig’s style and structure before I dive in.

Also, those wefts are going to need a lot of trimming! But that might end up being a good thing since they’re going to be teased a lot to get things standing up. Teasing takes up length. I may have to be strategic with my placement of Dark Blue wefts. I may have to use them on the outsides of the spikes to ensure they’re long enough.

I guess I’ll find out when I start working on things! I don’t want to speculate too much. There will be detailed posts of my work on both wigs with pictures, and hopefully video too!


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