Junpei is coming…finally!

Junpei Origami Fine Art Print at MegaGear.com.
(c)Fred Gallagher

I have been wanting to put together a costume inspired by this art print for years now. I’ve always loved Junpei and that hair…that hair begs to be brought to life.

But the hair has been the problem. I had a wig for a while to do a genderbent Junpei, but I never did anything with it. I needed to color sections of it and I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. Then there’s the spiking. Ugh.

Then, yesterday, I saw a tutorial on YouTube for adding volume to and spiking wigs. I was looking at ways to add to or combine wigs to add volume. When I found that tutorial, a whole new world was opened to me. I went to Arda Wigs and ordered a base wig, matching wefts, and lighter colored wefts to combine into one wonderful Junpei wig. I will be documenting the process from beginning to end, hopefully using video, not just pictures. My goal is to make that wig only using hair in the spikes; no foam. I believe that it is possible.

Also, thanks to that tutorial, I’m inspired to get a few other wigs finished up and looking how I really want them to look. So hopefully there will be wig posts coming; hopefully videos, too! This is going to be interesting, and hopefully fun!


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