I think I’ve got it

I have been wrestling with what the final look would be for my Fangirl. I recently decided to do knickers instead of a skirt, which has really inspired me! I think I finally have everything figured out, but I’ve decided to stop trying to post a breakdown until it’s done. Also, I just might be able to get it done for DragonCon 2016! Which is good considering those plans have really changed.

I was going to save it for a separate post, but why not include it! ANOVOS didn’t have enough orders to go through with their TNG women’s uniform run. I’m sad about it, but I can’t be mad at them. They have to have enough orders to pay for the run. I decided to go ahead and cancel my order for my DS9 uniform. I ordered it on a whim last year and I decided it’s just not worth it. So I’ll be taking my TOS uniform and all my Star Trek t-shirts. I’ll just show my Star Trek pride in a more casual way.


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