Halloween Week plans

After talking with a friend yesterday and showing her some of my costumes, I have been told I should dress up in costume the whole week leading up to Halloween. So instead of dressing up the Thursday before to teach and on Halloween, I’ll be wearing six costumes in one week. It’s been an interesting process trying to figure out which costumes to wear. Luckily I’m in the Popular Culture department, so that improves my chances of being recognized.

Here’s the plan:

  • Monday – Jane Lane (Antisocial Climbers)
  • Tuesday – Arthur Dent
  • Wednesday – Death (Didi)
  • Thursday – Death
  • Friday – GIR (gijinka)
  • Saturday – Columbia (PJs)

I was originally planning to do one of the brothers from The Boondock Saints, but after the recent shootings on college campuses, taking a fairly real looking Airsoft pistol, with the orange tip, is probably not a great idea. Especially with how they carry their guns. I’m also hoping that the hubby and I will be going to see Rocky Horror on Halloween, hence Columbia.

Now to see how many of those get recognized. I’m pretty confident about Arthur, Death, and the Science Officer. Jane and GIR might get at least one person. I hope. At least I know I won’t die of heat stroke wearing those two. Although with my luck, there’ll be a heat wave that week.


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