Redoing Gaz

Since my last post, I’ve had some time to think about Gaz. I was going to retire her and just move on, until I thought about some great original interpretations of characters that I’ve seen. It’s really helped me highlight what went wrong with Gaz.

The important thing about any costume is that the character’s identity is clear. Anyone who knows Gaz should be able to look at the costume and see Gaz. When the wonderful voice actress who did her voice only saw an outfit inspired by Gaz, I knew there was a problem on my side of things.

I’ve been torn about the color of the wig from the beginning. I thought that since it is a shade of purple, it would work. I was also against dying it so it was closer to Gaz’s shade because I wanted to keep it available for Miho. But I’ve given up on being Miho. I just can’t pull it off. So now I’m going to get some opinions as to which color ink to buy to dye it the right shade.

I’m going to change up the necklace. Right now it’s a choker. I like the beads I used, but I’m going to change it into a long necklace with the trinity skulls pendant as the focus at the bottom. It needs something to break up all that black, and this is going to really accomplish that.

I’m never wearing her without the arm-warmers again. I should have just left her home. They really are an essential piece to the overall look.

I liked the skirt I chose to wear, but I’m not used to wearing a skirt that short. Also it kept riding up on me. So I’m going to add some black leggings under the skirt and socks. It’ll make me more comfortable, hopefully keep the skirt down, and no detract from the look.

I’ve been working on getting this idea realized for so long that I put her out there before seeing what she’d look like. I’ve learned my lesson: put it all on at least once before the convention to see how it all works together. Also, don’t rush things. You’re the only one who can decide when the costume’s ready.


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