Another Lesson Learned

Another DragonCon down. Another amazing time. Another shift in my personal attitude toward costuming.

Trying to get into costume and looking good left me frustrated often this year. Sharing a room with five other people, two of which had costumes of their own, after attending conventions without any other costumers in the room was interesting. I think if we had coordinated about the bathroom, there would have been fewer problems.

At times being in costume detracted from the fun of the con. That’s not a good thing.

Harry went well. I had time to get the makeup on right and had a blast at the photoshoot. I even got recognition outside of the shoot. I think if I do Harry at DC again, I’ll leave the staff and rod up in the room, unless I find a way to have the rod hanging inside the coat. For the photoshoot, the staff is important. But around the con, while it is awesome, it’s a pain to haul around and find somewhere to put during panels.

The Doctor was good. I didn’t get the makeup done right because I was getting frustrated about not having the bathroom light to work with. But he still looked good and I had fun. The water backpack was genius. By the end of the parade I was looking for the restrooms instead of a water source. I used it under Harry as well and it is going to be a part of any costume that has a coat I can hide it under.

After the photoshoot I ran back to the room to change into Gaz. I didn’t want to deal with the hot clothes or being bound for the rest of the day. When I was doing the final packing, I couldn’t find the arm-warmers I made for her. Eventually, out of my determination to debut her, I grabbed some arm-warmers I had that I felt would still work. The whole time I’m in costume, I’m thinking “No one knows who I am. It just looks like a kinda steampunk outfit.” The outfit looks great, but it’s not Gaz.

At one point I went back to the room and changed into clothes. This was still Saturday. I didn’t wear another costume for the rest of the weekend and I still enjoyed myself.

How I pick costumes for DragonCon has definitely changed. They need to be something that I have worn, like the look, and will not be easily frustrating to wear if I can’t use the bathroom to put on the make-up. Next year I’m simply going to wear my TOS uniform, my DS9 uniform, and something Doctor Who. It may be the Fangirl. It may be the Japanese clothing. It may be the One Bathing Beauty. It’ll depend on how much time and money I have to get things done. I want to enjoy myself. And isn’t that the point of costuming? To enjoy yourself?


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